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Posted by on Mar 14, 2016 in All Interviews, CrossFit, Strength and Conditioning, Videos | 0 comments

Appreciate Life and Make it Count with Derick Carver

In our first episode of Uncharted Performance we’re talking to Derick Carver. Derick Carver is a retired Army captain, Ranger trained, the co-owner of Chagrin Falls CrossFit, and Co-Creator of Team Some Assembly Required (Team SAR). We were pretty stoked to talk to him not just because he is a coach and CrossFit box owner but also because he’s an amazing adaptive athlete competing in CrossFit, powerlifting, and strongman events who also happens to be an all-around nice guy with a an awesome sense of humor and is not afraid to tell it like is.  

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Derick Carver

Facebook: Derick Carver

Instagram: @derick_carver

Twitter: @DerickCarverBST

Team Some Assembly Required

Website: Team Some Assembly Required

Facebook: Team Some Assembly Required

Instagram: @teamsomeassemblyrequired


Intro – 3:44  Team Some Assembly Required at the Arnold Sports Festival 2016

3:45 – 4:12 Discussing Chagrin Falls CrossFit

4:13 – 8:17 Derick’s Bio  

8:18 – 17:05 Ranger training and experience serving in the Army

17:06 – 18:13   “Bad day at work"

18:14 – 21:20  The road to recovery

21:22 – 27:04 CrossFit and opening an affiliate 

27:05 – 28:01 Additional Training 

28:02 – 37:59   Influence on CrossFit programming 

38:00 – 43:59   Approach to competitions      

38:58 – 39:30 Interruption: "Death by Burpees"

39:59 – 43:59 Team SAR training as adaptive athletes

44:00 – 47:21 Ketogenic diet, Paleo and recovery from training

47:22- 48:49  Managing a busy schedule 

48:50- 58:01 Team SAR

58:02- 59:50 How to get involved and support Team SAR

59:51- 1:02:34 The One Thing 

1:02:35- 1:04:00 Lightning Round 


Dale King – Co-Founder Team SAR, Founder and Owner of PSKC CrossFit

Zack Ruhl – Coach/Owner CrossFit Uncontested@pitbullruhl

Scott Weaver – Member Team SAR

Logan Aldrige – Member Team SAR – @aldridgelogan

Lindsay Ess – Member Team SAR – @LU.ESS

Josh Cinnamo – Member Team SAR – @joshcinnamo

Angela Karr – Member Team SAR

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  1. How We Have Failed At Uncharted Performance - Uncharted Performance - […] off the ground. I still think back to our "planning" meetings in the library. Derick, craziest and nicest dude…

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