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Posted by on Jun 26, 2016 in All Interviews, CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Strength and Conditioning, Videos | 0 comments

Athlete Development, Enhancing Movement, and The Limitations of CrossFit with Tom Rini

How often do you question your coach, boss, mentor, or any other authority figure? Probably not enough, if ever. There is often an underlying assumption that whenever we're given something to complete, be it a workout or a project, that there is an underlying basis for that task. But what is it and why? Enter Tom Rini of Black Flag Athletics for Episode 14 of Uncharted Performance. A highly accomplished veteran of the Strength and Conditioning game, Tom provides extensive insight to help us understand what we should be doing in the gym along with the foundational principles of why we are doing it. We shed light on appropriate movement patterns, how they are to be corrected and enhanced, how we can break through the limitations of CrossFit, and how as coaches we can prepare our athletes for success. Start asking, start questioning, start with why!

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Black Flag Athletics

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Start – 0:30 Show Opening

0:31 – 1:00 Uncharted Info

1:01 – 3:35 Smile

3:36 – 5:27 Highly Referred

5:28 – 8:32 Doing The Uncommon

8:37 – 9:36 Living The Lifestyle

9:37 – 15:16 Enhancing Performance

15:17 – 18:34 Injury Prevention

18:35 – 24:13 The Perfect Blend

24:14 – 25:44 Intermission

25:45 – 27:33 What Makes Athletes Athletes 

27:34 – 29:53 Screening Movement Patterns

29:54 – 32:07 Teaching The Squat

32:08 – 36:08 Leveraging Strengths

36:09 – 38:11 Athlete Progression

38:12 – 40:50 Covering All The Dimensions

40:51 – 43:09 Consistent Evaluation of Athletes 

43:10 – 45:48 Anti-Plateau Training 

45:49 – 47:15 Proper Recovery

47:17 – 48:39 Crushing Goals

48:40 – 49:38 Importance of Self Awareness 

49:39 – 51:52 Going for 600

51:53 – 55:10 Black Flag Athletics

55:11 – 56:26 Living Honest

56:27 – 57:46 Lightning Round 

57:47 – End Where to Find Black Flag

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