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Posted by on Jul 10, 2016 in All Interviews, CrossFit, Martial Arts, Self Defense, Videos | 0 comments

How To Improve in CrossFit Through Self Defense and Martial Arts Training with Aaron Jannetti

According to the statistics, it is rather unlikely that any one of us will be involved in an active shooter situation. However, if and when it should happen, will we be prepared? Episode 16 of Uncharted Performance is an honest discussion with Aaron Jannetti of Endeavor Defense and Fitness regarding the realities of violence and our capabilities to respond during hostile incidents. We also discuss the pursuit of mental and physical preparedness through martial arts, Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit, and the benefit of studying and practicing a variety of modalities to develop a well rounded individual, athlete, and coach. 


Endeavor Defense and Fitness

Website: Endeavor Defense and Fitness

Facebook: Endeavor: Krav Maga and CrossFit

Instagram: @endeavordcf

Twitter: @endeavordcf

Aaron Jannetti

Facebook: Aaron Jannetti

Instagram: @ajannetti

Twitter: @jannettiaaron

e-Mail: aaron@endeavordcf.com

Podcast: Home Grown Success


Start – 0:15 Getting Hit With a Crowbar

0:16 – 0:43 Show Opening 

0:44 – 1:20 Uncharted Performance Info

1:21 – 4:22 Renaissance Man of Martial Arts, Fitness, and Fatherhood

4:23 – 7:30 The Finer Points of Beard Maintenance 

7:31 – 12:09 The Endeavor Institute of Self Defense and Strength and Conditioning

12:10 – 15:50 Right Place At The Right Time

15:51 – 18:44 Importance Of Being Well-Rounded

18:45 – 20:10 Being Accountable For Your Self Defense

20:11 – 25:08 Tying It All Together: Conditioning, Coordination, and Movement

25:09 – 27:54 Being A Movement Nerd

27:55 – 29:25 Show Intermission 

29:26 – 33:30 Active Shooter Statistics: There’s Still A Chance

33:31 – 36:18 Active Shooter Defense Course: Being Hands On

36:19 – 40:02 How This Could Save Your Life

40:03 – 41:35 Maturity Required for Self Defense and Active Shooter

41:36 – 45:03 Giving Permission To Act

45:04 – 48:08 Shitty Options for Shitty Situations

48:09 – 52:11 Being Accountable For Your Safety

51:12 – 55:31 Learn How To Fight

55:32 – 56:45 Lightning Round

55:46 – Where To Find Aaron


ALICE Training

Matt Kissell

Rob McKeeman

Rob Pincus

Ryan Hoover

Ohio Krav Maga and Fitness

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