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Posted by on Jul 17, 2016 in All Interviews, Martial Arts, Self Defense, Videos | 0 comments

Developing and Harnessing Skills for Self Defense, Sport and Life with Rob McKeeman

How do you develop a skill? Consistent practice, training, repetitions, and more repetitions under varying circumstances and scenarios are all key factors that contribute to the overall development of a particular skill. Over time and through our dedicated approach that skill becomes second nature; it becomes automatic. Whether it is typing on a keyboard or performing the Clean and Jerk, we are able execute or react without thinking. We just do. The ability to defend oneself is yet another skill. You have to put in the time and effort to become proficient at it. Enter the uncanny Rob McKeeman of Endeavor Defense and Fitness. A specialist of self defense , defensive firearms, and high level highland games athlete, Rob teaches us how to develop the physical and mental capacity to understand and perform under stressful conditions. The skills, discipline and confidence we learn along the way can be applied easily to any other endeavor (pun intended). We promise you this will be the most fun you will have learning about self defense and firearms. Strap in and enjoy!


Endeavor Defense and Fitness

Website: www.endeavordcf.com

Facebook: Endeavor: Krav Maga and CrossFit

Instagram: @endeavordcf

Twitter: @endeavordcf

Rob McKeeman

Facebook: Rob McKeeman

Instagram: @robmckeeman

Twitter: @robmckeeman

e-Mail: rob@endeavordcf.com


Start – 0:16 Trust Your Instincts 

0:16 – 0:45 Show Opening 

0:46 – 1:26 Uncharted Info

1:27 – 2:55 Beard Mastery

2:56 – 6:26 Self Defense Extraordinaire and Strength Athlete

6:27 – 8:09 Train For What You Can’t Predict

8:10 – 10:58 Mitigating Being Attacked Through Strength and Endurance

10:59 – 12:52 Creative Approach To Training

12:53 – 14:46 The Best History Lesson 

14:47 – 15:53 The Nature of a Fight 

15:54 – 17:21 Trust Your Instincts 

17:22 – 18:39 Removing Emotion From Decision 

18:40 – 19:48 Life Flashes Before Your Eyes

19:49 – 20:27 Like Riding A Bike

20:28 – 22:05 Not Looking Like A Target

22:06 – 23:19 Mixing It Up In Training

23:20 – 26:03 Making Smart Decisions

26:04 – 27:34 Intermission

27:35 – 30:28 Defending Yourself When Injured

30:29 – 33:31 Explaining Defensive Firearms

33:31 – 36:08 Safety and Application of Defensive Firearms 

36:09 – 37:32 Value of Getting Consistent Repetitions 

37:33 – 39:01 Avoiding Unnecessary Use

39:02 – 40:55 Variables and Factors Affecting Ability 

40:56 – 44:21 Courses Offered at and by Endeavor 

44:22 – 45:58 Relaxed Perspective 

45:59 – 47:51 All The Things You Can’t Predict

47:52 – 48:48 Lightning Round 

48:49 – 49:38 Summer of Stuff

49:39 – End Where To Find Rob


Imi Lichtenfeld

Krav Maga 

Fight To Fit (FTF)


Ryan Hoover

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