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Posted by on Jul 31, 2016 in All Interviews, CrossFit, Martial Arts, Mobility & Movement, Videos | 0 comments

Everything You Need To Know About Mobility and Movement with R.E. Lewis

Welcome to Episode 19 of Uncharted Performance! Today, we have the pleasure of talking to R.E. Lewis of CTown CrossFit, a martial artist, CrossFit coach, Yoga Tune Up® teacher, and an all-around movement enthusiast.  We discuss how building a solid foundation is the key to mastering any athletic endeavor, get the low down on mobility and how to find the best tools for you, and R.E.'s own road to rising above the challenges and finding personal empowerment and peace. Even more importantly, we delve into discovering your own body integrity, learn the power of self care and get some tips on how not to hurt ourselves outside the gym with improper body mechanics.   


CTown CrossFit

Website: www.ctowncrossfit.com

Facebook: CTown CrossFit

Instagram: @ctowncrossfit

Twitter: @teamctown


Start – 0:19 Funky Shake Weight

0:20 – 0:48 Show Opening

0:49 – 3:29 All Around Bad Ass

3:30 – 5:44 Becoming A Human Weapon

5:45 – 9:09 The Real Truth

9:10 – 13:24 Going After What You Want

13:25 – 16:56 Getting His Shit Together

16:57 – 22:53 The Next Challenge 

22:54 – 24:24 Intermission

24:25 – 25:48 Defining Mobility

25:49 – 30:38 Diagnosing Dysfunction

30:39 – 35:16 Everything and Anything: Tools for Mobility

35:15 – 38:54 All Day, Every Day, Non-Stop: When To Mobilize 

38:55 – 40:41 Over Training, Under Recovery

40:42 – 43:05 How You Are Hurting Yourself

43:06 – 46:23 Fixing Poor Posture 

46:24 – 51:51 Manifesto of Mobility According To R.E. Lewis

51:52 – 54:50 Is It Doing Service To Your Body?

54:51 – 56:18 Lightning Round

56:19 – End What’s Next and Where to Find R.E.


Breaking Muscle

Bruce Lee

Jill Miller


Mobility WOD


Yoga Tune-Up

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