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Posted by on Aug 21, 2016 in All Articles, Articles, Self Development | 0 comments

What is Holding You Back?

What is Holding You Back?

What is holding you back? You. Yes, YOU. Let it marinate for a minute.

It’s not rocket science. No great psychological or earth shattering insight – simple and straightforward. We are our biggest obstacle.

If we want to change or improve our current situation, we have to take responsibility for our circumstances and take action.

We are a consequence of the decisions and choices we make and the reactions we have to the choices, decision, and reactions of others. These choices and reactions compound to either delay or advance your growth in whatever endeavor you are pursuing. This applies to getting a promotion, asking him/her out, losing weight, traveling to Thailand, starting your own business, competing in chess, or playing the guitar.

Time is not limited. There is no writer’s block. There is no shortage of money. We have ample energy. We are not busy. We’re extremely talented. We have so much to offer. These are all counter positions to some of the most common excuses we make to ourselves to prevent us from doing what is worthwhile, something that is uncomfortable and new.

The old adage is that we are creatures of habit. Making excuses or complaining is our body and mind’s defensive mechanism against evolving. It is counter intuitive but the body and mind would rather keep things the way they are because it is safe, comfortable, secure, status quo; or rather it is the illusion of safety, comfort, and security.

Time to make it happen!  Remember this short acronym – DPPP.

  • Define – Define who you are. Write it out. Use adjectives, nouns, or short phrases but be honest with yourself. What is your passion? What do you gravitate toward? Who you are might not be the role you are playing right now.
  • Plan – Think big to start. REALLY BIG, and reverse engineer backwards. Set goals far in advance, 3 – 5 years for example. What are the key steps that will get you there? If we don’t have them all there, no sweat, they will become more apparent as we learn and we can fill them in along the way. In the end you’d want to boil it down to weekly and daily tasks.
  • Prioritize – Concentration and efficiency. There are many distraction that surround us and not all things we do bring equal value. Remove distractions by turning off your phone or disappearing for a few hours. With an environment allowing focus set, what is the one thing that will provide the greatest value to either us or others? Should it be checking emails first thing in the morning or writing that business plan or studying for a certification?
  • Pursue – Daily application of a consistent habit. There are no days off. Whatever effort it takes but that one thing will get done today, tomorrow, and the next day. Think of it as accruing interest – consistent steps over time deliver great value over time. Every day is an opportunity to become great and do great things for others – don’t miss it!

These are not set in stone nor are they mutually exclusive. As we embark on our journey we will learn more about ourselves. Plans should and will often change. Priorities will shift. The most important factor is to stay in pursuit.

Time for us to take or regain control and become what we are meant to be. Mindset, relationships, environment, and personal confidence are all key ingredients and need to be developed, augmented, or adjusted. It could be our loved ones or our occupation that creates external friction. Use your better judgment and reflect on DPPP to make the best decision.

To be exactly clear, change will not happen overnight. It takes time, effort, energy, and more time, and more effort, and more energy. The amazing thing is that it is all in our control! We have more to offer and we are on this journey together!

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With A Smile On My Face,
Pawel Wencel
Co-Creator, Uncharted Performance
Strongman Wannabe
Olympic Weightlifting Aficionado
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