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Posted by on Sep 26, 2016 in All Articles, Articles, Self Development | 2 comments

Discovering The Elixir of Life

Discovering The Elixir of Life

We have traveled to Hawaii, Iceland, the Pacific Northwest, to the farthest reaches of the Florida Keys, back to Hawaii, and through the most remote and majestic American national treasures. No luck. We couldn’t find it anywhere. Some call it the Philosopher’s Stone or Elixir of Life, but it didn’t seem to exist. Or so we thought.

Turns out, we were looking for it in all the wrong places.

We did not realize the discovery until we reflected on the journey. It was right in front of our noses. You can even say that it was closer than that. With enough time, learning, experience, dedication and the right ingredients, you can certainly make this elixir yourself. However, we wouldn’t all be looking for it if it was easy to make, right?

Get ready for a revelation! You see, the elixir is actually inside of us. The ingredients are waiting patiently until someone or something stirs them up. So what are the ingredients for the Elixir of Life? These are needed in equal parts for the perfect mix but always start with:

  • Purpose – Your why. This is the driver behind your mission and vision that is greater than oneself.
  • Positivity – Against all odds, negativity, or whatever the circumstance, it is having the ability to come through with a smile on your face. 
  • Abundance – There is plenty out there for everyone and if others don’t have it, share to create possibilities for those who are not as fortunate. 
  • Community – Cultivating a sense of togetherness and belonging for others to allow them to achieve a greater sense of themselves.
  • Selflessness – Dedicating oneself to others through service or other means with the goal to see them succeed and accomplish what they once thought was not possible.  
  • Playfulness – Being a kid at heart. We grew up playing and living for the experience of life. There is no requirement that it needs to end at a certain age.
  • Mindfulness – Living in the present moment, away from distraction and friction, and appreciating the time we have with one another.

Amongst all these is one prevailing theme. It is a commitment to provide an opportunity to others for improvement. The act of giving, whether time or money, is the most important ingredient of them all. The elixir will not taste as sweet or feel as satisfying without this simple element.

In truth, we weren’t even looking for it when we started our journey. Through the experience of meeting amazing individuals for Uncharted Performance that exhibit these values, it has become apparent what creates a life fulfilled. It is infectious. Once you start “sipping”, it is difficult to let go. The experience of our travels, near and far, has been energizing, motivating, and inspiring. It rubs off on you and grows within and through you.  An Elixir of Life is certainly a reality. It is within and all around us. Find it for yourself and surround yourself with others who are living through it!


Don’t Worry & Be Happy,
Pawel Wencel
Co-Creator, Uncharted Performance
Olympic Weightlifting Aficionado
Strongman Wannabe
CrossFit Enthusiast
Forever Optimistic


  1. Beautiful article and straight to the heart !  Bravo Pawel!  You are brilliant, and live by what you preach!  Love your work, is so positive and honest, and helps me every time I read or watch an article or documentary you do!  Life is a wonder, and we have the power inside of us to discover this secret of life!  You are teaching us how to discover this secret of life!

    • Thx D! Amazing feedback that continues to motivate us to do what we do! 🙂

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