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Posted by on Oct 9, 2016 in Kettlebell Training, Self Development, Strength and Conditioning, Videos | 2 comments

Strength Cures with Jeff Sokol of Sokol Strong

In Episode 26, our guest is Jeff Sokol of Sokol Strong, a StrongFirst Girya Team Lead and FMS certified coach from Seattle, WA. His mission is simply stated but no less inspiring: to build a stronger, healthier, and happier human race, and we touch on each of those elements in this interview.  Find out when to use a barbell versus a kettlebell, where to start in kettlebell practice to stay safe, how to progress and what essential movement we should be adding to our arsenal.  While Jeff is very passionate about kettlebell training, a large part of the interview is focused on how that training has helped him heal from depression. Most of us can relate to Jeff’s journey in some way, so please share his message and we hope you enjoy this episode!

Play the audio only version of the episode directly below:

iTunes version click here.

Stitcher version click here.

Sokol Strong 

Website: Sokol Strong

Facebook: Sokol Strong

Instagram: @sokolstrong

Twitter: @kettlebellistix


Start – 0:24 Just Be Done With It

0:24 – 0:46 Show Opening

0:47 – 1:41 Uncharted Intro 

1:42 – 05:01 New Family Addition 

5:02 – 6:38 How T-Bone Helps to Coach

6:39 – 8:39 One Foot On The Banana Peel

8:40 – 11:06 Going Down The Path

11:07 – 11:24 Rock Bottom 

11:25 – 16:07 First Kettlebell Introduction

16:08 – 17:59 Finding Pavel  

18:00 – 21:38 Managing Depression 

21:39 – 23:17 Kettlebell As A Training Tool

23:18 – 24:09 Getting Good At One Thing

24:10 – 25:28 Barbell vs Kettlebell 

25:29 – 26:42 Common Mistakes 

26:43 – 28:55 Using The Breath 

28:56 – 29:49 Intermission 

29:50 – 32:52 Being Relatable

32:53 – 34:16 Building A Stronger, Happier, Healthier Human Race

34:17 – 36:20 Jeff’s Methods 

36:21 – 37:32 Finding Your Flow state 

37:33 – 39:07 Crawl More, Sit Less

39:08 – 43:05 Foundations And Progression 

43:06 – 43:15 Adding Kettlebells To a Program 

45:16 – 47:03 Getting Strong Using Kettlebells

47:04 – 50:20 Coaching And Advice For StrongFirst 

50:21 – 53:16 What’s Next For Jeff

53:17 – 55:20 Find Your Passion

55:21 – 57:59 Lightning Round

58:00 – 58:54 Where To Find Jeff

58:55 – End Outro 


Andrea U-shi Chang 

Fuel House

Ground Force Method  

Pavel Tsatsouline 




  1. Hi Jeff Sokol,  thank you for opening up about such a sensitive subject , depression.  I watched the video, and I identify so much with your story! I am not sure if Isuufer from depression, I never had the courage to talk to a professional about it, but listening to your story, I identify with what you had been going through.  For me, the Crossfit program helped me navigate out of the turmoil, and fitness in a smart thought environment is the best way to treat depression, in parallel with proper diet and finding  the joy of living in the PRESENT.  Every word resonated with me, and thank you again for talking about this Tabu subject.  Keep up the noble work you are doing in creating a stronger human race, one human at the time! 

    • Thank you, Diana for the awesome feedback and continued support. It was such a pleasure to finally meet you in person and to hear that the stories we share have had such a positive impact. We'll make sure that Jeff gets this feedback! Keep watching and spreading the positivity!

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