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Posted by on Oct 30, 2016 in Entrepreneurship, Nutrition, Videos | 0 comments

A Delicious Prescription with Brigid Titgemeier of BeingBrigid

Let's keep exploring the topic of nutrition this week on Uncharted Performance. Brigid Titgemeier from BeingBrigid is our guest this week to teach us a thing or two about why putting good foods in our bodies pays off. Brigid is a dietician with a special focus on functional medicine (we’ll be discussing what that’s all about, too!).  Brigid shares her story of conquering a rare disease by eliminating foods she was sensitive to and incorporating in more whole foods.  Digestive health is often the missing link that can help many of us achieve optimal well-being. Brigid's blog is full of appetizing meal ideas and we’ll get to find out how she comes up with them.  Want to learn what’s on Brigid’s grocery shopping list? Find out in the interview!  

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Website: www.beingbrigid.com

Facebook: BeingBrigid

Instagram: @beingbrigid

Twitter: @Beingbrigid

Pinterest: BeingBrigid


Start – 0:16 Lifestyle Is Key

0:17 – 0:38 Show Opening 

0:39 – 4:31 Introducing Uncharted and Brigid 

4:32 – 8:36 Brigid's Why

8:37 – 11:48 There’s Something More To It

11:49 – 15:50 Functional Medicine Breakdown 

15:51 – 21:14 Starting BeingBrigid

21:15 – 26:09 Coming Up With Delicious Recipes 

26:10 – 28:26 Making Cooking Fun And Establishing a Relationship With Food

28:27 – 31:35 Where Brigid Shops And What She Looks For

31:36 – 32:26 Intermission 

32:27 – 38:17 Factors That Matter 

38:19 – 47:31 Evil Twins  

47:32 – 50:26 Gluten Intolerance And Sensitivity 

50:27 – 53:22 Back To Basics

53:22 – 54:13 What’s Coming Up for Brigid 

54:14 – 55:20 Food Is Important

55:21- 57:05 Lightning Round

57:06 – 58:06 Where To Find Brigid

58:07 – End Outro



Kristin Kirkpatrick

The Institute for Functional Medicine  


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