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Posted by on Nov 6, 2016 in Entrepreneurship, Self Development, Videos | 4 comments

Do What Scares You with Nick White of Tremont Athletic Club

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to leave your professional career behind to pursue your dreams, look no further than this episode of Uncharted Performance. Nick White, our guest this week, left a career in law to open Tremont Athletic Club. We dive right in to learn about how Nick took the leap to entrepreneurship, leaving behind a steady and secure paycheck from his law firm. Nick shares with us his initial fears, what steps he took to make his business grow, how he works daily to keep his team and clients engaged, and continually developing to become better versions of themselves.  The main theme of this interview is that what often stops us from dreaming big is the fear of losing what we have now, the perceived security of it. Nick’s answer to that is what should truly scare us is missing out and giving up on what we could achieve by taking that first step.

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Tremont Athletic Club:

Website: Tremont Athletic Club

Facebook: Tremont Athletic Club

Instagram: @tremontathletic

Twitter: @TremontAthletic


Start – 0:14 – Single Mindset

0:15 – 0:37 – Opening

0:38 – 3:06 – Intro

3:07 – 5:35 – Sauce Fit Challenge

5:36 – 7:16 – Returning To Cleveland 

7:17 – 12:37 – The Importance Of Learning About Yourself 

12:38 – 18:52 – How Nick Transitioned From Law to Fitness and Entrepreneurship

18:53 – 21:57 – Elation Followed By Crippling Fear 

21:58 – 33:37 – Day One at Tremont Athletic Club And How Nick Got People To Stay

33:38 – 34:29 – Intermission 

34:30 – 41:06 – Keeping A Good Team And Helping Them Grow

41:07 – 44:50 – Working With The Layout 

44:51 – 51:02 – Serving People And Hitting High Expectations 

51:03 – 55:39 – Fear Of Giving Things Up 

55:40 – 57:26 – Entrepreneurial Lifestyle 

57:27 – 58:02 – Where To Find Tremont Athletic Club

58:03 – 1:01:19 – Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help 

1:01:20 – 1:03:28 – Lightning Round

1:03:29 – End – Outro




  1. Another great POD Pawel! Keep up the good work. 

    • Appreciate it brother!

  2. We actually go there more for his bad jokes!

    • We tried to get a few in during the interview. Thank you for checking it out Ron!

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