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Posted by on Jan 8, 2017 in All Interviews, CrossFit, General Health, Mobility & Movement, Olympic Weightlifting, Strength and Conditioning, Videos | 0 comments

Squat Like A Boss with Dr. Chad Teague of CODE CHIRO

We’re going "beyond the back” in episode 36 of Uncharted Performance this week. Our guest is Chad Teague, doctor of chiropractic, and owner of CODE CHIRO. Dr. Teague is interested in all aspects of performance, from refining your squat technique to improving digestive and neurological health. This interview is peppered with good advice to correct imbalances in exercise so you can not only feel better but do better in your movement practice.  A few things we found particularly interesting from our talk: to use or not to use a lifting belt, benefits of improving thoracic mobility as well as using your feet properly during a squat to maximize force.  We also got proof that breathing is more difficult than you think if you do it correctly (because, honestly, how many times have you thought about breathing today?). Enjoy and see you next week! 

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Youtube: Dr. Chad Teague

Facebook: CODE CHIRO

Instagram: @dr.chadteague & @codechiro


Start – 0:11 – Dysfunctional Positions With Poor Mechanics

0:12 – 0:41 – Show Opening 

0:42 – 6:12 – Introduction 

6:13 – 8:24 – Learning About ART

8:25 – 10:50 – Getting Athletes To Feel Better

10:51 – 13:04 – Chad’s Athletic Journey 

13:05 – 19:16 – Becoming A Chiropractor 

19:17 – 27:39 – Digestive And Nervous System Involvement 

27:40 – 29:37 – Intermission 

29:38 – 32:39 – Joint-by-Joint Approach 

32:40 – 42:00 – Teaching And Correcting The Squat

42:01 – 53:09 – Shoulder Health And Thoracic Mobility 

53:10 – 58:35 – How To Breathe Correctly And Reap The Benefits 

58:36 – 1:01:03 – To Use the Belt Or Not?

1:01:04 – 1:01:59 – What Chad Is Up To Next

1:02:00 – 1:04:47 – Where To Find Chad 

1:04:48 – End – Show Outro



Dr. Eric Peters 

Joint-by-Joint Approach 

Scott Panchik 

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