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Posted by on Feb 12, 2017 in All Interviews, Featured, Self Development, Strength and Conditioning, Videos | 2 comments

Vetting Excellence with Jud Logan of Ashland University

This week on Uncharted Performance we’re lucky to bring you another wonderful guest, Jud Logan. Jud is the head track and field coach at Ashland University, former 4-time Olympian, master’s athlete, and a treasure trove of stories and wisdom based on his varied athletic experience. He walks us through his early sports career, the “light giver”, how he found his calling and going to the Olympic Games four times to represent the United States. We also get a taste of his current coaching style, what methods and metrics he chooses and follows, and that certain something that he looks for in his athletes to succeed.

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Jud Logan

Website: Ashland University

Facebook: Jud Logan

Instagram: @olympian4x

Twitter: @Olympic4x


Start – 0:08 – Hotter Than Hell

0:09 – 0:37 – Show Opening 

0:38 – 1:58 – Introduction 

1:59 – 6:35 – Friendly Competition And Early College Career 

6:36 – 14:20 – Development As A Young Athlete 

14:21 – 19:46 – Start Of The Olympic Career 

19:47 – 23:39 – "Vetting Excellence" 

23:40- 36:03 – Picking Athletes For His Program And Coaching 

36:04 – 38:01 – Intermission 

38:02 – 45:47 – Incorporating Training Methods Of Other Experts 

45:48 – 53:59 – Testing And Having Metrics For Recovery 

54:00 – 1:00:57 – Wearing The Red, White and Blue 

1:00:58 – 1:06:41 – What’s Next For Jud And The Program 

1:06:42 – End – Show Outro 


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Louie Simmons

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Heart Rate Variability 

Tendo Units 

Whoop Band 

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  1. Great Show,very informative. Was already a fan of Valenti but nice to hear the legend Jud Logan..guy is legit stud athlete/coach

    • Thanks for tuning in Daniel! Appreciate the feedback sir.

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