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Posted by on Mar 12, 2017 in Articles, Self Development | 2 comments

How We Have Failed At Uncharted Performance

How We Have Failed At Uncharted Performance

As I'm preparing our taxes for 2016, I'm looking at the Uncharted Performance business checking account. Thirty five hundred dollars in expenses, a whopping twenty five dollars in revenue. Weeeeeee, cloud nine! In addition to that, hours spent on travel, website crashing multiple times, emotional rollercoasters, arguments, trying to figure out where this is going or where it will go. We did not think that we'd be working towards our second fifty interviews just a few short months ago. In a nutshell, we are really bad at running a business. Like really, really bad. An utter, complete failure. But that is why we have succeeded.

However, Uncharted Performance never started as a business. Maybe one day it will be. Should it be? That remains to be seen.

We started off a year ago with the bear bones in equipment. Mics and sound were rough, for a while. We Googled and YouTubed our way through most of it. Free video editing software has kept us floating for the majority of year one. And? Believe it or not, we're doing pretty well.

We have never missed a scheduled episode or an appointment. We were late once because I went the wrong way, completely my fault. We have approached each project and interview with complete professionalism and have always made our guests the priority. With the same respect and generosity given in return by our guests. 

To date, the Uncharted Performance podcast has been downloaded in 37 countries, with thousands of downloads and views, respectively, gaining hundreds of followers and subscribers over the course of the year. More importantly, much more importantly, we have gained numerous friends, visited some of the coolest places, and been a part of some of the craziest events known to man!

What have I learned? Why have we succeeded? Ask! Ask for help. Get uncomfortable. Get out of your own way. Try. STOP COMPLAINING AND DO IT. Be confident. Google it 😃  (Kait Tisler). Continue improving, reading, watching, learning, becoming better, don't settle! OFFER HELP. LISTEN. Find what you enjoy and just wing it. Plan. Attack. Adjust. Be flexible. Surround yourself with people who care. Recognize dead weight, drop it, and move on. You, we are all incredible people with a lot to offer. DON'T be selfish.  Give yourself, give more. Take chances! Be more empathetic (work in progress for this dude). If you need help, direction, and/or just want to talk, please don't hesitate and hit me up. Cell, email, or message me on social media. 

In every way that we have failed, we have succeeded twice/three times over.

Thank you to Tricia and Tim Luthringer for helping Uncharted Performance get off the ground. I still think back to our "planning" meetings in the library. Derick, craziest and nicest dude – really not sure what you were thinking when you got on for our first episode. Thank you, brother. Would love to catch up again. Shout to Drew from Project Lift for connecting us with Linda Hong from WOD Nation. Josh Wilson, thank you for working your magic on limited budget and putting up with my indecisiveness. Mark, Tom, and Lindsey – I have your phone numbers and know where you work, you can't get rid of me now, buahahahaha, especially at Black Flag Athletics – thank you Tom for giving us a "home". Wojtek, my big brother – you continue to mentor and inspire me with your relentless work ethic. To everyone who has contributed to the show, this goes out to you – our listeners, viewers, readers, patrons, the #upnation. You know what's coming. The lady behind everything, literally everything. Uncharted is nothing without you. That sexy vixen, my wife, Alina. 

You all have made this past year for me one hell of a ride and an utter, complete, resounding success.

We still don't know what's going to happen with UP but I'm pretty sure we really dig learning, meeting, helping, sharing with others what we are very fortunate to do and lending a voice to some very awesome people. Here's to year number two!

PS. Here's few recommendations from your dude if you're looking for some reading material:

#reachtheuncharted #ragetolive

Your Dude,

Pawel Wencel


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  1. My bro…

    Tim and I will always be here to offer advice, spell check, and maybe a few laughs. We miss the TEAM and the adventure. Keep making me proud so that one day I can say I "knew you when…"

  2. So many congrats to the Uncharted crew!! We love you guys!! #justgoogleit

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