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Posted by on Apr 2, 2017 in All Interviews, CrossFit, Entrepreneurship, Self Development, Videos | 0 comments

Living Big with Dave Regula of TrAk Athletics

In episode 45 of Uncharted Performance we visit Trak Athletics and its co-owner, Dave Regula. He tells an inspiring story of a radical lifestyle change that he and his family undertook in order to stay true to themselves. Dave recognizes the importance of training but urges everyone to get out of the gym, even though he owns one. We can do that by playing often, finding new experiences to learn from and not being stuck in that dreaded comfort zone. One of his goals with TrAk was to create a community that was like a family and we think they’ve been more than successful in accomplishing that goal.

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Dave Regula (TrAk Athletics)

Website: TrAk Athletics

Facebook: TrAk Athletics

Instagram: @trak_athletics

Twitter: @TrakAthletics


Start – 0:19 – We’ll Need A Bigger Flashlight 

0:20 – 0:32 – Introduction 

1:50 – 6:31 – Personal Performance Coaching And Moment Maker

6:32 -15:02 – Sports Journey 

15:03 – 17:31 – Changing Careers 

17:32 – 22:06 – Sticking To Your Guns And Making The Play  

22:07 – 24:25 – Rigorous Debate 

24:26 – 25:26 – Intermission 

25:27 – 30:02 – Being Married To An Olympian 

30:03 – 34:59 – There’s So Much More To Do

35:00 – 39:34 – Taking People Out Of Their Comfort Zone 

39:35 – 43:45 – The TrAk Experience 

43:46 – 45:22 – What’s Next For TrAk 

45:23 – 46:28 – Where to find TrAk

46:29 – End Outro 

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