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How To Take Responsibility For Your Goals with Pawel Wencel of Uncharted Performance

How To Take Responsibility For Your Goals with Pawel Wencel of Uncharted Performance

Welcome to a special in between episdoe courtesy of Misbah Haque and the Airborne Mind Show which has featured some amazing guest including James Fitzgerald, Ben Greenfield, Mike Bledsoe, Brian Mckenzie and Ben Smith. We never had an intro episode for Uncharted Performance and Misbah gave us the opportunity to make that happen before we head into our next 50 episodes and more. We get into my struggles with substance abuse, flipping the switch, the idea and how Uncharted began, our mission, the creative process, and a deep dive into defining goals, breaking them down into actionable steps and taking responsibility for what’s most important. Hope you enjoy the episode and are able to apply some of the lessons I have learned from both failures and successes. and make sure to subscribe to the Airborne Mind Show on iTunes and support the great work that Misbah is doing at The Airborne Mind. Without further adieu – let’s hit it.

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(0:00) – Uncharted and Airborne Mind Intro

(7:54) – Almost getting shot by your best friend

(12:17) – Vulnerability

(14:58) – Using training to expose limitations

(18:25) – Origins of Uncharted Performance

(22:05) – Ask

(24:47) – Taking responsibility

(29:18) – Process for outlining a vision and working backwards

(33:22) – Priorities and goals shifting

(36:57) – Process of thinking

(42:06) – Corporate job

(45:28) – Structure for retaining information from books

(51:21) – Not believing in positivity

(55:39) – Gratitude and perspective

(1:13:20) – Your chance to win

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