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Posted by on Jun 4, 2017 in All Interviews, CrossFit, Featured, General Health, Nutrition, Videos | 0 comments

Core Values of Well Being with Savanna Holmberg of Savy Mama

We are back with episode 51 of Uncharted Performance coming from Eleventh Element CrossFit. We are talking today with Savanna Holmberg, graduate of the Institute For Integrative Nutrition, nutrition coach at Eleventh Element, mom of 3 and the SavyMama herself. In her coaching style, Savanna advocates for consistency and connection with her clients while focusing on four values: career, spirituality, relationships and nutrition. We discussed how she feels coaching keeps her on track with her own goals and what specific approach to eating that Savanna found is the most effective for her own and her family’s health. Last but not least, we find out what SavyMama is all about and pick up some tips on how to heal oneself through food and natural remedies. 

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Savanna Holmberg

Website: Savy Mama

Facebook: Savy Mama

Instagram: @thesavymama


Start – 0:15 – Show Me What To Do

0:16 – 2:46 – Opening 

2:47 – 4:12 – Introducing Savanna Holmberg 

4:13 – 8:34 – Training Horses And Coaching People

8:35 – 9:42 – Integrative Nutrition 

9:43 – 15:08 – The Four Core Values 

15:09 – 19:21 – Coaching Session Role Play

19:22 – 21:50 – Rating The Aspects Of Your Life

21:51 – 24:55 – Not One Diet Works 

24:56 – 25:07 – Intermission 

25:08 – 29:50 – Inspiration To Start SavyMama

29:51 – 38:56 – Healing Oneself Through Food And Homeopathy 

38:57 – 41:50 – Debunking The Myths 

41:51 – 44:34 – Do For One What You Wish You Could Do For Many 

44:35 – 44:59 – Where To Find Savanna/SavyMama

45:00 – End Outro 


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