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Posted by on Sep 17, 2017 in All Interviews, CrossFit, General Health, Mobility & Movement, Olympic Weightlifting, Strength and Conditioning, Videos | 0 comments

Awakening Your Training with Marcus Filly of Revival Strength

Awakening Your Training with Marcus Filly of Revival Strength

On this episode of Uncharted Performance we are joined by a very successful and immensely intelligent athlete and coach, 6 times CrossFit games competitor, founder of Revival Strength and most importantly new dad, Marcus Filly. What Marcus has developed is to what to outsiders might see as a seamless blend of how many of us first got into fitness, chasing that pump, and what many of us have transitioned to and grown to love, functional fitness. Before we get to Functional Bodybuilding and a walkthrough the very popular Awaken Training Series, we discuss how he got to now starting with his first ever training session and how that left him, his interest and passion in the physical and health sciences, the role medical school played in defining his mission, and the five major impact points in his training life, all along connecting all the dots. What is Functional Bodybuilding then exactly? Great question, but you will just have to listen to the episode to find out specifically. What it is not is what you necessarily see on Marcus’ Instagram or a general CrossFit type programming template. It is a very much needed response to the the one size fits all approach that has you gasping for air after each training session. We hope you enjoy the episode as much as we did speaking with Marcus and are very excited to share this conversation with you and to see where the Awaken Training Series goes in the very near future with the next series starting right around the corner, October 9th (link below).

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Marcus Filly 

Facebook: Marcus Filly

Instagram: @marcusfilly

Twitter: @fillymarcus

Revival Strength

Website: www.revival-strength.com

Facebook: Revival Strength

Instagram: @revivalstrength

Functional Bodybuilding

Website: www.revival-strength.com/functional-bodybuilding

Facebook: Functional Bodybuilding

Instagram: @functional.bodybuilding


Awaken Training Series (3 Day Sample Program Sign-Up)

Jefferson Curl


Start – 0:10 – Split Squats And Strict Pull-ups Got Me

0:11 – 4:30 – Opening And Introducing Marcus Filly

4:31 – 9:26 – Mutual Friends And The CrossFit Games

9:27 – 13:08 – Always Learning

13:09 – 22:50 – Pursuing The Life Of Fitness

22:51 – 28:26 – Finding His Way In Functioning Bodybuilding

28:27 – 33:40 – Aha Moments In Fitness

33:41 – 57:37 – Awaken Training

57:38 – 1:03:40 – Major Influences And What’s Next

1:03:41 – End – Outro


Charles Poliquin

CrossFit Games

Misbah Haque (Airborne Mind)

Mike Lee 

James Fitzgerald

Paul Chek

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