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Posted by on Sep 24, 2017 in All Interviews, Entrepreneurship, Olympic Weightlifting, Strength and Conditioning, Videos | 0 comments

Building Everyday Champions with Mike Dewar of J2FIT Strength & Conditioning

Building Everyday Champions with Mike Dewar of J2FIT Strength & Conditioning

In episode 66 of Uncharted Performance we are joined by Mike Dewar. Mike is, and try to keep count, Co-Founder and CEO & Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at J2Fit Strength & Conditioning, founder & owner of Barbell CEO, strength coach at NYU, founder of Amateur Aficionado, writer for the very popular BarBend online publication, weightlifting coach, competitive weightlifter, traveler, husband, and cat owner. We go from growing up in Ohio to landing in the big city with little direction but with a sense of rush and great opportunity. Mike is a big believer in using circumstance to drive positive change and creativity. He has been driven by his innate desire to know  more, and by knowing more, seeing even more possibilities.  As an entrepreneur, it is all about doing something, no matter how small or what it is, but to take action, make mistakes but learn from them, all in with the intention to create momentum. Don’t be hampered by perfection and fail to launch. It doesn’t have to be perfect.  As a coach, his passion is to turn everyday people into everyday champions and helping them be the best at what they do, no matter what it is, from marathon runner to corporate CEO. We learn his defining moments, from that first trip on the subway and getting lost to here and now, how to approach uncomfortable decisions, as well as his process of goal setting, aligning business and life goals, and very importantly, how Mike determine priorities amidst his many projects. Besides the insights that Mike shares on the episode, he’s provided us with some awesome training resources for the listeners so make sure to check out the show notes below.

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Mike Dewar

Facebook: Mike Dewar

Instagram: @mikejdewar


Website: www.j2fit.com

Facebook: J2FIT Strength and Conditioning 

Instagram: @thej2fit

Twitter: @thej2fit

Barbell CEO

Website: www.thebarbellceo.com

Facebook: The Barbell CEO

Instagram: @thebarbellceo

Twitter: @thebarbellceo

Amateur Aficionado

Instagram: @amateur_aficionado



Money Makeover by David Ramsey

4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris


3-Days of Strength EMOMs Series

J2FIT Training Programs

Weightlifting Troubleshooting Rx Report




Start – 0:12 – Impact Someone Today

0:13 – 4:28 – Opening And Introducing Mike Dewar

4:29 – 10:53 – Loving Traveling And Competing

10:54 – 13:40 – Things To Take Away As A Coach And Athlete

13:41 – 19:35 – From Midwest To The Big Apple

19:36 – 30:55 – From Grad School To J2FIT

30:56 – 40:08 – The Defining Moments

40:09 – 44:38 – Take Action To Build Momentum

44:39 – 51:46 – Amateur Aficionado

51:47 – 55:56 – Branch Out And Expand

55:57 – 1:02:29 – Resources

1:02:30 – 1:06:40 – Mike’s Future Goals

1:06:41 – 1:09:52 – Where To Find Mike

1:09:53 – End – Outro


Jason Khalipa

Tony Robbins


USA Weightlifting

Smart Passive Income Podcast

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