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Posted by on Oct 8, 2017 in All Interviews, Calisthenics, General Health, Mindfulness, Mobility & Movement, Strength and Conditioning, Videos, Yoga | 0 comments

Integrating Mind and Body with Tom Mountjoy of Primal Movers

Integrating Mind and Body with Tom Mountjoy of Primal Movers

This week we are joined by Tom Mountjoy of Primal Movers all the way form beautiful Bergen, Norway. This is a truly awesome and fascinating conversation with Tom and his process of integrating the mind and body, and what it took to get there, and spoiler alert it was not easy.  We find out what it took for Tom to recognize that instead of being united, his strength training practice and mindset were at odds, and how that recognition led him to a different way to navigate through both, and that both practices, the mental and physical can be united. We learn from Tom how to be still and more aware of the capability of our bodies, how nature can free us from distraction and allow us to experience different variables, that holding onto tension can be a sign of weakness, that there can be a wider perspective of movement through which more gets revealed, how we can engage with our emotions through our movement practice or strength training and how that can inform other parts of our life to make more mindful lifestyle choices, and through a more mindful aware movement practice we can compliment traditional strength and conditioning training, from CrossFit to Strongman.

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Primal Movers

Website: www.primalmovers.com

Facebook: Primal Movers

Instagram: @primalmovers


Functional Range Conditioning


Start – 0:17 – Stronger In Bodily Awareness

0:18 – 5:11 – Opening And Introducing Tom Mountjoy

5:12 – 8:04 – Stand Strong

8:05 – 16:30 – Traveling The World And Settling In Norway

16:31 – 21:40 – Pursuit of Being In The Mind And In The Body

21:41 – 31:55 – Reassessing Relationship To Strength

31:56 – 40:01 – Allow Experience To Inform Our Practice

40:02 – 46:50 – How Compatible Are These Movement Practices?

46:51 – 50:44 – Tom’s Biggest Influences

50:45 – 53:49 – Uniting Meditation And Movement

53:50 – What’s Next For Tom

55:20 – 57:29 – Where To Find Tom

57:30 – End – Outro


Dr. Andreo Spina


International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation

Steve Cotter

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