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Posted by on Oct 15, 2017 in All Interviews, Calisthenics, Mobility & Movement, Strength and Conditioning, Videos | 0 comments

On The Path To Mastery with Yuri Marmerstein

This week on Uncharted Performance we are joined by the awesomely bearded, Yuri Marmerstein, originally from Odessa, currently living in Las Vegas, by way of our hometown Cleveland. Yuri has been exploring the physical culture for over 15 years as an acrobat, entertainer, performer and teacher. Personally, we think what he is capable of doing with is body is very impressive but he might not agree given his high standards. We get the wonderful opportunity to get an inside look at his unique learning process that started out by imitating Kung Fu movies in the backyard. His advanced practice originated with little direction and has developed into a Webster’s dictionary of mistakes to learn from and develop. The better Yuri got, the more he surrounded himself with high level coaches and athletes he realized, in his words, how shitty he was which motivated him further in his pursuits. We tackled the difficulty subjects of getting through plateaus and appropriate skill development using handstands as an example but a metaphor for certainly anything. We also define improvement and how to get over fear, his teaching methods and how they have evolved over time, how we can become better teachers, and the process through which adults learn new concepts and skills.

*Intro and intermission clips provided by Yuri Marmerstein (see link below)

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Yuri Marmerstein

Website: www.yuir-mar.com

Facebook: Yuri Marmerstein

Instagram: @yuri_marmerstein

YouTube: Yuri Marmerstein



Balancing The Equation by Yuri Marmerstein

Mastery by George Leonard

Relax Into Stretch by Pavel


Start – 0:13 – New Perspective

0:14 – 3:29 – Opening And Introducing Yuri

3:30 – 9:03 – Unexpected Mosquito Itch Cure And Beard Advice

9:04 – 11:47 – Inspiration To Move

11:48 – 21:48 – Mistakes That Become Variations

21:49 – 25:25 – How To Progress And Bust The Plateau

25:26 – 29:54 – Going Back To The Basics And Relearning The Basics

29:55 – 37:24 – Side Splits In A Week

37:25 – 37:40 – Intermission

37:41 – 42:47 – Being A Good Teacher

31:48 – 46:50 – Caveats Of Learning

46:51 – 49:52 – Breaking Down The Handstand

49:53 – 51:13 – Biggest Influences

51:14 – 52:38 – What’s Next

52:39 – 53:33 – Where To Find Yuri

53:34 – End – Outro


Cirque Du Soleil

Kit Laughlin

Valentin Kirichenko

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