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The Pursuit of A More Meaningful Life with Alina and Pawel Wencel of Uncharted Performance

The Pursuit of A More Meaningful Life with Alina and Pawel Wencel of Uncharted Performance

Hello friends and welcome to the season seven finale of Uncharted Performance. Massive thank you to our very good friend Mark Valenti of Blind Dog Gym for brining us together and letting us share our stories on his awesome podcast, the Refined Savage, which is an epic blend of strength training, powerlifting, history, and personal stories. This is the episode we finally introduce my partner in crime, my coach, the immensely beautiful, extremely talented, my best friend, badass, movement and nutrition guru, my wife, Alina Wencel. Alina and I both took different paths coming America. She grew up in very harsh conditions above the article circle, walking to school during the winter in the dark it could get down to -30 degrees centigrade in Russia. For myself, it was the communist regime in Poland that essentially drove us to seek the US, giving up everything we knew for the unknown. We share our stories of coming to the states, how we met, my dark days with substance abuse, Alina coming to the rescue, how finding the right person is the key to motivate you to do the right things, our fitness journeys, what we do, and why we do it. Our passions. Our pursuit of balance and a healthier life, creating values that will lead to a more meaningful and rewarding life, overcoming your own fears, and getting to do things that you love to do. We both work everyday “regular” jobs but through Uncharted we hope to motivate change, and that our stories provide a dose of perspective for many of us in regards to the abundance of luxury and conveniences we are surrounded by and with. And remember, friendships are the best ships , do you really need that magical apple cutter, and a little bit more on Scotland. Cheers!

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Red Gold by Grigori Raiport


Start – 0:36 – Do I Really Need It?

0:37 – 5:18 – Show Opening And Introducing Us

5:19 – 10:02 – Life Lessons

10:03 – 22:07 – How We Ended Up In Ohio

22:06 – 31:24 – Falling In Love

31:25 – 33:39 – From Chasing The Pump To More Natural Movement

33:40 – 49:59 – What Can We Do Without To Pursue What You Want To Do?

50:00 – 1:07:07 – Exploring The Uncharted

1:07:08 – 1:15:12 – Travel Lesson

1:15:13 – 1:15:57 – Where To Find Us Online

1:15:18 – End -Outro


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