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Posted by on Nov 12, 2017 in All Interviews, CrossFit, Self Development, Self Development, Strength and Conditioning, Videos | 0 comments

Be Strong, Be Fierce with Emily Abbott

Be Strong, Be Fierce with Emily Abbott

We are keeping the party going with non other than 4 times CrossFit Games athlete, total badass, Emily Abbott. We get into a ton of different topics, tattoos, growing up in Canada, travel, adventure, getting outdoors, using fitness and strength to experience the world, being one with nature, college basketball, as you might have figured out, a little bit about CrossFit, and what the future holds for this incredible human being.  If you are sense a pattern here, there isn’t one. This is a conversation about being human, being imperfect, vulnerable, having self doubt, imbalance, about there not being a finish line, pushing yourself, putting yourself in tough and uncomfortable situations, becoming strong, fierce, aggressive, daring to be you, and welcoming death, knowing you have lived.

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Emily Abbott

Website: Abbott the Red Adventures

Facebook: Emily Abbott – CrossFit Athlete

Instagram: @abbott.the.red

Twitter: @Abbotski439


Start – 0:06 – Determination

0:07 – 3:16 – Opening And Introducing Emily Abbott

3:17 – 10:56 – Living The Life Aka Traveling, Training and Eating

10:57 – 13:01 – The New History Segment

13:02 – 17:38 – Talking Tattoos

17:39 – 30:56 – From Mountains To Basketball To CrossFit

30:57 – 34:16 – Intermission

34:17 – 40:37 – I Could Be Good At This

40:38 – 51:57 – Balancing Life And The Right Mental Approach

51:58 – 55:07 – Abbott The Red Adventures

55:08 – 56:12 – Rapid Fire

56:13 – 56:34 – What’s Next For Emily

56:35 – 57:42 – Where To Find Emily

57:43 – End – Outro


CrossFit Invictus

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