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Posted by on Nov 19, 2017 in All Interviews, Calisthenics, CrossFit, General Health, Mindfulness, Mobility & Movement, Self Development, Strength and Conditioning, Videos | 0 comments

Fitness As A Platform For Everything Else with Carl Paoli of Freestyle Connection

Fitness As A Platform For Everything Else with Carl Paoli of Freestyle Connection

What could happen if we all started paying attention? What if we could utilize fitness as a platform to express ourself, encourage people, and collectively grow? An eye opening conversation that transcends strength training, Olympic Weightlifting, or whatever your fitness endeavor might be with the one and only, Carl Paoli, the author of Freestyle Connection and creator of Gymnastics WOD. Carl and I discuss his roots, his gymnastics background, awesome studies and work in marine biology, and how all that led him to here and the environment and movement he is creating and championing through the freestyle connection and other endeavors. We get into why should we move like we care, what impact being kind to yourself can have, the importance of being present, creating an intellectual experience, how and where to make the biggest impact. Enjoy our conversation with Carl!

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Carl Paoli

Website: Freestyle Connection

Facebook: Carl Paoli

Instagram: @carlpaoli

Twitter: @carlpaoli


Elders Ocean Protective 

Freestyle Connection (book)

Gymnastics WOD


Start – 0:14 -Reaching As Many As Possible

0:15 – 4:51 – Opening And Introducing Carl Paoli

4:52 – 12:47 – Being A Polyglot And Coming To Cleveland

12:48 – 18:02 – Kindness And Forgiveness As Basis Of Character

18:03 – 29:22 – Living Abroad, Gymnastics And Developing Intellectually

29:23 – 36:20 – This Whole Fitness Thing Is An Excuse

36:21 – 39:33 – Intermission

39:34 – 49:45 – Freestyle Movement Is Awareness

49:46 – 57:04 – Addressing Movement Issues

57:05 – 1:03:22 – Exploring New Things

1:03:23 – 1:04:56 – Where To Find Carl

1:04:57 – End – Outro


Chasing Coral

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