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Posted by on Nov 26, 2017 in All Interviews, CrossFit, Entrepreneurship, Strength and Conditioning, Videos | 0 comments

What Are You Willing To Do with AJ Roberts

What Are You Willing To Do with AJ Roberts

In Episode 74 with AJ Roberts we take you all the way back to Southampton, England to being a basketball standout, coming to the US and the early challenges that led AJ to become on of the strongest human beings on the planet. You’ll hear early on that AJ set the bar very high and he was willing to do anything to get there. From becoming the strongest in his school to setting world records as part of the world famous Westside Barbell under Louie Simmons to leaving it behind and why. We also discuss his rise in the fitness business industry and the ability to thrive as an entrepreneur. Our conversation wouldn’t be complete without touching on some finer points of strength development and training.

Few things to take note of and pay attention to that played a big part in AJ’s journey; delaying gratification and thinking long term, incredible mindset, obsession and suspending all thoughts of what is possible, being a deep and constant learner, being opportunistic and having the courage to pivot on a dime and walk away from anything, and reframing, redefining strength and happiness.

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AJ Roberts

Website: www.ajroberts.com

Facebook: AJ Roberts

Instagram: @ajroberts

Twitter: @AJRoberts33



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Bamboo Bar


Start – 0:20 – I Am Out Of Control

0:21 – 3:45 – Opening And Introducing AJ Roberts

3:46- 10:20 – Delayed Gratification And Playing The Long Game

10:21 – 21:40 – Going From Playing Basketball In Southampton To Powerlifting in US

21:41 – 25:13- How To Lift Over 1,000 punds

25:14 – 28:38 – Mastering The Art Of Business

28:39 – 32:44 – Training At Westside – Unlocking Strength

32:45 – 35:50 – Intermission

35:51 – 41:15 – Right Rep Repetition Perfects The Technique

41:16 – 44:48 – Life Lessons From Westside

44:49 – 58:10 – Pivoting And Sky Diving

58:11 – 1:02:45 – Relentless Pursuit

1:02:46 – 1:03:26 – Where To Find AJ Roberts

1:03:27 – End – Outro


Eric Cressey

Jonas Rantanen


Tony Bolognone

Westside Barbell

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