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Posted by on Dec 3, 2017 in All Interviews, Entrepreneurship, Martial Arts, Strength and Conditioning, Videos | 0 comments

Lessons From The Octagon with Joe Callari of Callari Killer Fitness

So where are we this week? Back to a familiar place with our friends at GrooveRyde. This time it is with one of their newer team members, Joe Callari of Callari Killer Fitness and Beat Box instructor. As you quickly find out in our conversation Joe can light up a room very quickly. He is a retired MMA fighter and a fitness entrepreneur with a heart of gold. We dive into the world of mixed martial arts, what drew him to the sport and how it turned a one time “bully” into one of the kindest and most positive people we hope you have the opportunity to meet. Getting knocked out or punched in the face has many lessons we can learn from – both good and bad. We talk getting knocked around, a lot , why he enjoys it, his growth and in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and the many valuable lessons he took away from fighting in the octagon. We also discuss developing as a personal trainer, growing your own business and brand, as well as several other topics related to nutrition, and his wonderful mission of Squats Over Suicide. 

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This week’s episode is brought to you by the Masters in Fitness Business Podcast hosted by Jim Adams. A lot of really good trainers start fitness business and most them are out of business within a year. Why? Being a good trainer and having equipment and a box or only small part of having a successful fitness business. You have to tackle expenses, overhead, books, taxes, employees and marketing just to name a few.  

Jim helps trainers climb that learning curve from trainer to business owner without making mistakes that will drive you out of business Hosted by an actual fitness business owner who interviews actual fitness business owners, no fake internet gurus only people in the trenches day in and day out doing the actual work to be successful and willing to share that experience with you.

Callari Killer Fitness

Website: Callari Killer Fitness

Facebook: Callari Killer Fitness

Instagram: @callari_killer_fitness

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Start – 0:16 – He Was Talking About Me

0:17 – 3:31 – Opening And Introducing Joe Callari

3:32 – 7:10 – Passion To Build Confidence

7:11 – 11:02 – Coaching Style

11:03 – 13:06 – Fitness To Get Out Of Your Head

13:07 – 17:20 – Musings On Intermittent Fasting

17:21 – 22:25 – All These Muscles Don’t Mean Anything

22:26 – 24:12 – Intermission

24:13 – 35:37 – Love Getting Punched In The Face

35:38 – 37:43 – The Fight Is Not Over

37:44 – 47:42 – Let Your Losses Motivate You

47:43 – 53:43 – Fighting Vs Coaching

53:44 – 57:00 – Squats Over Suicide

57:01 – 57:53 – Where To Find Joe Callari

57:54 – End – Outro


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