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Posted by on Dec 10, 2017 in All Interviews, CrossFit, Endurance Training, General Health, Self Development, Videos | 0 comments

Inside The Mind Of A Madman with Peter Nelson

Inside The Mind Of A Madman with Peter Nelson

Peter Nelson was a former high school basketball and track and field standout who later became a smoker and a back injury had him sidelined into his mid 40s. Then cold turkey he gave up smoking and picked up a new “addiction”, running. He quickly kept upping the ante from 5k to marathons to ultra marathons. Now at 54, he has ran over 60 races of marathon distance or longer in a span of only 6 years. He cover the mental challenges of running such long distances, the perseverance to overcome difficult scenarios, and the benefit running has had on Pete’s physical and mental health. It wouldn’t be an episode of Uncharted if we didn’t cover why he continues to run, so much and so far, regularly pushing past what is rational, and how it makes him feel, as well as some tactical pointers regarding his training regimen including insights on what to prepare for as we push the boundaries of human potential at any age in this week’s episode.

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Peter Nelson



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Start – 0:04 – The Race Is Just Beginning

0:05 – 3:34 – Opening And Introducing Peter Nelson

3:35 – 7:54 – Roasting Pete

7:55 – 11:41 – Getting Back To Running Roots

11:42 – 15:36 – Discovering Marathons, Trail Runs And Ultra Marathons

15:37 – 20:48 – Competing Fire And Single Person Sports

20:49 – 26:30 – This I Can Do

26:31 – 31:03 – Getting Through It – Mental And Physical Fortitude

31:04 – 32:52 – Staying In The Game

32:53 – 33:06 – Intermission

33:07 – 37:02 – Running Horror Stories

37:03 – 39:27 – Preventing Pain: From Blisters To Nipples

39:28 – 43:32 – Training And After Race Recovery

43:33 – 45:10 – Priorities

45:11 – End – Outro


Cleveland Metroparks 

Peter Nelson II

Runner’s World Magazine

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