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Posted by on Dec 17, 2017 in All Interviews, CrossFit, Videos | 0 comments

Gift of Helping Others with Jessica Griffith

Gift of Helping Others with Jessica Griffith

What is going on fam. This week’s guest on Uncharted Performance is the fittest nurse on earth, Jessica Griffith, who in 2017 made the CrossFit Games as a rookie individual competitor. We caught up with Jessica during the inaugural Cleveland Clinic Get Fit Healthy Living Expo and we were just right outside of the competition floor for the Rogue Fitness Winter Classic, so there is a little background noise. Apologies in advance but it will definitely not take away from the episode. We discuss in depth her role as a Level 1 trauma nurse, what took for her to get there and why she absolutely loves what she does, starting all the way back to what drew her to the field of medicine. We explore the carryover over to training and competing in CrossFit, reconciling the two very demanding commitments, and the challenges as well as the opportunities presented by her unique schedule. One thing that you will quickly notice about Jessica is her very positive attitude and bright smile – find out in the episode exactly why.

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Jessica Griffith

Facebook: Jessica Griffith 

Instagram: @jessicagriffith


Barbell Medicine


Start – 0:27 – Performing In High Stress Situations

0:28 – 2:48 – Opening And Introducing Jessica Griffith

2:49 – 10:36 – Fitness Expo, Exploring Cleveland

10:37 – 13:12 – Lift Off

13:13 – 21:36 – Wanting To Be The Best: Becoming A Nurse And Finding CrossFit

21:37 – 23:12 – Intermission

23:13 – 32:26 – Evolving In The Sport And Professionally

32:26 – 34:12 – Planning For CrossFit Games 2018

34:13 – 39:17 – Making Tough Choices

39:18 – 42:12 – Barbell Medicine

42:13 – 42:52 – Where To Find Jessica And What’s Next

42:53 – End – Outro


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Rogue Fitness Winter Classic

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