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Posted by on Dec 31, 2017 in All Interviews, CrossFit, General Health, Mindfulness, Mobility & Movement, Olympic Weightlifting, Strength and Conditioning, Videos | 0 comments

Commitment To Change with Marcus Filly of Revival Strength

Commitment To Change with Marcus Filly of Revival Strength

He’s back by popular demand! Marcus Filly of Revival Strength and Functional Bodybuilding returns to the show New Year’s day. We catch up on family and training, then “build off the base” we established back in Episode 65. We dive deeper into Functional Bodybuilding and the Awaken Training Series to discuss the evolution of the program from its inception of being a model of what Marcus’ training looked like to having a greater impact on other people based on his experience. We outline the progression of movements and how different training variables are adjusted during the program, as well as emphasize the importance of tempo and time under tension. Our conversation is highlighted by the topic of commitment to change and being loyal to a process to reap its long lasting benefits.

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This week’s episode is brought to you by the Masters in Fitness Business Podcast hosted by Jim Adams. A lot of really good trainers start a fitness business and most them are out of business within a year. Why? Being a good trainer and having equipment and a box are only a small part of having a successful fitness business. You have to tackle expenses, overhead, books, taxes, employees and marketing, just to name a few.  

Jim helps trainers climb that learning curve from trainer to business owner without making mistakes that will drive you out of business. Hosted by an actual fitness business owner who interviews actual fitness business owners. No fake internet gurus, only people in the trenches day in and day out doing the actual work to be successful and willing to share that experience with you.

Marcus Filly 

Facebook: Marcus Filly

Instagram: @marcusfilly

Twitter: @fillymarcus

Revival Strength

Website: www.revival-strength.com

Facebook: Revival Strength

Instagram: @revivalstrength

Functional Bodybuilding

Website: www.revival-strength.com/functional-bodybuilding

Facebook: Functional Bodybuilding

Instagram: @functional.bodybuilding


Start – 0:17 – Tempo Work

0:18 – 2:41 – Introducing Marcus Filly And Show Opening

2:42 – 9:34 – Topless In Beanies

9:35 – 14:50 – Mindset Of Growth

14:51 – 22:48 – What Inspired The Awaken Training Program Design

22:47 – 25:58 – Designing The 2.0 Program

25:59 – 30:57 – Why Tempo Work Is Crucial

30:58 – 32:46 – Intermission

32:47- 42:45 – Letting Go Of Those Numbers On The Bar

42:46 – 48:40 – A Different Approach To Rest And Recovery

48:41 –  54:47 – Why Monday Should Not Be The International Squat Day

54:48 – 1:02:01 – Getting Through The Open

1:02:02 – 1:04:16 – Where To Find Marcus And Revival Strength

1:04:17 – End – Outro

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