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Posted by on Jan 28, 2018 in All Interviews, CrossFit, Endurance Training, Featured, Videos | 0 comments

Make No Apologies with Morgan Neal of Team USA

Swim, bike, run with a generous offering of CrossFit are on the agenda for this episode of Uncharted Performance. We are joined by the super energetic and awesome Morgan Neal of Team USA who reminds us to never forget and never give up on our passion. This past year, in 2017, Morgan finished in the top 40 in the world in her age division but getting here was definitely not a straight line. We go back to college for a little bit then lose our way for a few years before getting back to into the sport she loves, as well as how that introduced her to the competitive world of triathlons. Morgan describes the process it takes to qualify for Team USA and her experience competing at the world stage. The episode would not be complete without dissecting her training, what she has benefitted from the most, as well as both the challenges and opportunities that living in Cleveland provides a seasoned triathlete.

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Morgan Neal

Facebook: Morgan Neal

Instagram: @morganstaley

LinkedIn: Morgan Neal


Start – 0:16 – How CrossFit Helped Me

0:17 – 4:00 – Opening And Introducing Morgan Neal

4:01 – 13:13 – Winning Viking Swords And World Triathlon Competition

13:14 – 18:42 – Falling In Love With Triathlons

18:43 – 29:45 – Finding The Missing Piece In Training

29:46 – 32:34 – Intermission

32:35 – 41:25 – Many Triathlon Musings

41:26 – 46:42 – Tales Of Open Water Swimming

46:43 – 48:52 – Resting And Plans For Future Competitions

48:53 – 52:55 – Learning To Make No Apologies And Committing To Your Passion

52:56 – End – Outro


Cleveland Triathlon

Team USA Triathlon

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