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Posted by on Feb 11, 2018 in All Interviews, Featured, Mindfulness, Self Development, Videos | 0 comments

Casting Spells with Mark England of Procabulary

Casting Spells with Mark England of Procabulary

Despite the title, this episode is not about magic or sorcery. Not exactly at least. In this episode we go inside our heads and explore how we think and how we talk impacts and determines how we act and how we perform. Our guest this week is Mark England from Procabulary. His early passion was for Muay Thai Fighting and MMA which took him across the globe but a devastating injury led him to the very bottom. However, that same injury set him on a path of re-discovery and pursuing a passion of giving others that same opportunity. As of our discussion he has delivered over 425 presentations, including his immensely popular TEDx talk, and coached countless others on how to lead more powerful, more fulfilled lives using the power of better words and stories.

During our conversation we dive into how does one actually get a TEDx talk and prepare for such a massive audience in person and worldwide, and how closely it resembles preparation of competition. The crux of the episode centers on the ongoing and fluid process of identity, and the question of who are you? And how we interpret our experience. We identify key concepts and how we can go about changing the conversations we have with ourselves with Mark as the prime example. We hope that with Mark’s help you can start being more mindful of the spells you cast and the stories you tell yourself and how they impact you, your relationships, and your performance.

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Mark England (Procabulary)

Website: www.procabulary.org

Facebook: Procabulary

Instagram: @procabulary

Twitter: @procabulary



Core Language Upgrade


The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz


Identity vs. Process: Reinterpreting Failure by Mark England


Start – 0:31 – Stories We Tell Ourselves

0:32 – 5:59 – Opening And Introducing Mark England

6:00 – 8:41 – Afraid Of Losing His 16-pack

8:42 – 27:46 – Preparing And Delivering A TEDx Talk

27:47 – 39:20 – Practice Makes Perfect

39:21 – 40:45 – Opinions And Facts About Ourselves

40:46 – 41:42 – Intermission

41:43 – 1:04:58 – “With My Word I Influence”

1:04:59 – 1:11:36 – What Is Procabulary

1:11:37 – 1:14:43 – Where To Find Mark And Procabulary

1:14:44 – End – Outro


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