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Posted by on Feb 18, 2018 in All Interviews, Featured, Mindfulness, Self Development, Videos | 0 comments

How To Get Better At Getting Better with Dr. Cara Miller of Inquiry Partners

How To Get Better At Getting Better with Dr. Cara Miller of Inquiry Partners

This week’s guest on Uncharted Performance is Dr. Cara Miller. She is the coach to the elite and leaders across diverse fields, ranging from finance to fitness. Her resume is extensive. She is a professor, executive developmental coach, organizational design and change consultant in the fields of leadership, organizational development, adult development, and spiritual formation. Our conversation evolves from the self to the organization. We begin by discussing questions that dig to the root of personal recognition, growth and development. We pose some difficult questions, take time to explore the meaning behind the questions how they impact our relationships, including to ourself, and what type of questions we should be asking.

In the second half of the episode, our dialogue evolves to the importance of organizations and leadership within them as it relates to the disruption, growth and development of any industry but specifically in this context of CrossFit, Strength Training, and other Fitness facilities. We identify what an organization is, the key elements that contribute to a healthy and successful organization, and again what questions we should be asking ourselves as coaches and business owners to continue the push the envelope for our athletes and communities to foster the accomplishment and surpassing self and shared goals.

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Dr. Cara Miller

Website: Inquiry Partners

Facebook: Cara Taylor Miller

Instagram: @developmentalcoach


Start – 0:29 – Infusing Motivation

0:30 – 7:00 – Opening And Introducing Cara Miller

7:01 – 11:50 – All About Logan Gelbrich

11:51 – 17:41 – Sitting With Questions To Create Deep Purpose And Sense

17:42 – 22:16 – More Human Being Than Human Doing

22:17 – 31:00 – Asking Hard Questions

31:01 – 39:45 – Worst Case Scenarios

39:46 – 42:58 – Taking It To The Limit

42:59 – 43:56 – Intermission

43:57 – 56:28 – Organizational Structure And Leadership

56:29 – 1:05:11 – Understanding Purpose And Resistance – Internal Recruitment

1:05:12 – 1:10:06 – Don’t Try To Avoid The Crisis But Get Help If You Need It

1:10:07 – 1:11:52 – Where To Find Cara

1:11:53 – End – Outro


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Logan Gelbrich

Paulo Freire

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