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Posted by on Feb 25, 2018 in All Interviews, CrossFit, Featured, General Health, Strength and Conditioning, Videos | 0 comments

Movement Is Life with Lindsey Mathews of BIRTHFIT

Movement Is Life with Lindsey Mathews of BIRTHFIT

This week’s guest on Uncharted Performance is Dr. Lindsey Mathews of BIRTHFIT and Deuce Gym. Every coach, CrossFit, Strength Training, or otherwise needs to hear this conversation and learn more from Lindsey. Her mission is to empower and educate women so that they live to their fullest potential. She wants to foster a community of strong women that will live out their dreams in our modern society. We cover a number of topics starting with our primal movement patters and how they relate to our social development. We then explore the training approach, a functional progression, during the different phases of the motherhood transition from preconception, during pregnancy, and postpartum including the importance of embracing load, planes of motion and energy systems. Additionally, touch on the value of mindset, how to view obstacles in a different manner, with closing on how BIRTHFIT is providing the proper support and coaching for a grossly underserved population for both women and their partners experiencing the motherhood transition.

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Dr. Lindsey Mathews

Website: www.birthfit.com

Podcast: The BIRTHFIT Podcast

Facebook: Lindsey Mathews & BIRTHFIT

Instagram: @gigemlindsey & @birthfit

Twitter: @GigEmLindsey & @birthfit   


Global NLP

Polyvagal Theory 


Start – 0:10 – Enhance Your Wellbeing

0:11 – 1:38 – Find Out More About Health IQ

1:39 – 3:41 – Find Out More About Azoth 2.0

3:42 – 7:32 – Show Opening And Introducing Lindsey Mathews

7:33 – 19:10 – The Right Sequence

19:11 – 27:28 – Inspiration For BIRTHFIT

27:29 – 32:42 – Coaching Women For Birth

32:43 – 33:34 – Intermission – More About Health IQ

33:35 – 44:45 – From Pre-conception To Birth, Including Fitness And Wellness – Practice Make Perfect

44:46 – 48:30 – Postpartum

48:31 – 55:56 – A Child’s Early Development

55:57 – 1:03:32 – Creating Meaningful Relationships And The Power Of The Mind

1:03:33 – 1:07:04 – What’s New For BIRTHFIT

1:07:05 – 1:07:52 – Where To Find BIRTHFIT

1:07:53 – End – Where To Find Us


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