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Posted by on Mar 4, 2018 in All Interviews, Entrepreneurship, Featured, Self Development, Strength and Conditioning, Videos | 0 comments

Failing My Way To Success with Prady Tewarie of Azoth

Failing My Way To Success with Prady Tewarie of Azoth

Prady Tewarie by most standards is a very successful entrepreneur as well as a very accomplished bodybuilder, however he comes from very very humble beginnings. He is the son of working class immigrants and struggled throughout much of his childhood in school but that didn’t stop him. He was bitten very early on by both he iron and business bugs. We explore his journey and growth in bodybuilding, uncovering along the way the many indirect benefits of immersing yourself in the sport. We dive into how he took underperforming assets and developed methods to turn them around, we bust myths about what it takes to succeed and how we can achieve our lofties of goals, drawing parallels between bodybuilding and entrepreneurship, how one feeds of the other, and the most important investments you can make.

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Prady Tewarie (Azoth)

Website: www.seekingazoth.com

Facebook: Azoth

Instagram: @seekingazoth

Twitter: @SeekingAzoth


Pareto Principle


Start – 0:22 – Input Vs Output

0:23 – 1:48 – A Little About Health IQ

1:49 – 4:52 – Check Out Seeking Azoth 2.0

4:53 –  10:09 – Profiles In Uncharted

10:10 – 13:08 – Introducing Prady Tewarie

13:09 – 16:24 – Trouble Finding Pants

16:25 – 18:30 – Finding Hidden Gems And Turning Them Around

18:31 – 32:50 – Discovering What You Can Do

32:51 – 37:49 – Self Mastery

37:50 – 40:55 – Conquering Adversity

40:56 – 41:45- Save On Your Life Insurance With Health IQ

41:46 – 49:08 – Failing Your Way To Success

49:09 – 56:06 – Bodybuilding And Business

56:07 – 58:50 – Prioritizing

58:51 – 1:05:45 – People Can Only Get Under Your Skin If You Don’t Know Yourself

1:05:46 – 1:08:29 – Inner City Weightlifting

1:08:30 – 1:12:52 – Azoth And Nootropics

1:12:53 – 1:14:30 – What’s Next For Seeking Azoth And Giving More

1:14:31 – 1:16:19 – Where To Find Prady

1:16:20 – End – Outro

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