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Posted by on Mar 11, 2018 in All Interviews, CrossFit, Featured, Videos | 0 comments

Laying The Foundation with Ben Dziwulski of WODPrep

Laying The Foundation with Ben Dziwulski of WODPrep

For episode 87 of Uncharted Performance we are joined by an old friend, one of the top teachers and resources in the world of CrossFit, Ben Dziwulski of WODPrep (Episode 61). During this part of the year, many of us are competing in CrossFit Open, which is a terrific way to identifying your strengths and areas of improvement, to test your fitness. Ben and I share our thoughts on this year’s event and what we can expect in the remainder of the workouts.  Then based on actual data, we breakdown the most common movements and with his help, what we can do in our training to get better at them.  Whatever your level, if you are competing in the Open or not, Ben shares some absolute gems on how to develop a sound foundation and build on it with appropriate progressions.  Enjoy our conversation, reflect on your performance, and evaluate how you can adjust and improve those skills along with increasing capacity at performing them at high volume. Death by Thrusters or a 10 minute Thruster / burpee EMOM anyone?

Episode Sponsors

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Ben Dziwulski (WODPrep)

Website: www.wodprep.com

YouTube: WODprep

Facebook: WODprep

Instagram: @wodprep



Start – 0:22 – Foundation Crumbles

0:23 – 1:42 – Health IQ Money Saving Bonanza

1:43 – 3:38 – Learn About Azoth 2.0

3:39 – 8:12 – “Profiles In Uncharted – Meaghan K”

8:13 – 14:04 – Introducing A Returning Guest – Ben Dziwulski of WODPrep

14:05 – 18:45 – Getting Older Vs Maturing

18:46 – 22:25 – WODPrep Growth And Development

22:26 – 27:58 – How To Train For The Open

27:59 – 32:15 – Make Just A Little More Effort

32:16 -33:05 – Intermission – More About Health IQ

33:06 – 33:01 – The 80-20 Philosophy In Achieving More Advanced Movements

33:02 – 37:20 – 18.1 And Not Having To Live In The Gym

37:21 – 41:00 – What To Expect In The CrossFit Games Open

41:01 – 45:21 – Break Down The Thruster And Burpees

45:22 – 48:13 – Handstand Pushup Advice

48:14 – 53:40 – Getting Better At Chest-To-Bar Pull-up

53:41 – 1:00:09 – Save Your Shoulders In Wall Balls

1:00:10 – 1:04:15 – Take Ownership And Work On Your Weakness To Do Better In The Open

1:04:16 – 1:06:57 – Making Strategy Videos Overnight

1:06:58 – 1:08:30 – Where To Find WODPrep

1:08:31 – End – Outro


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