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Posted by on Mar 18, 2018 in All Interviews, CrossFit, Endurance Training, Featured, General Health, Strength and Conditioning, Videos | 0 comments

Passionately Curious with James Fitzgerald of OPEX Fitness

Passionately Curious with James Fitzgerald of OPEX Fitness

For episode 88 of Uncharted Performance, we are joined by none other than James Fitzgerald of OPEX. James has lived fitness and training for a better part of his life, he absolutely loves it. It is that love that has enabled him to compete at the highest level and transition to arguably being one of the top coaches on the planet. We cover his genesis from athlete and coach, and the characteristics which have allowed him to continually develop and ascend to the top of the sport for over 20 years. We explore the world of OPEX including their unique approach to athlete assessment and progression, the concept of Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP for short) along with its implications and application to training, the use to technology, as well as James’ definition of success and his ultimate purpose.

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James Fitzgerald

Website: www.opexfit.com

Facebook: James Fitzgerald and OPEX Fitness

Instagram: @jfitzopex and @opexfitness

Twitter: @JFitzOpex and @OPEXFitness


Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) 

International Functional Fitness Federation

Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP)


Start – 0:19 – Hating Being Wrong

0:20 – 1:34 – Find Out About Health IQ

1:35 – 3:38 – Find Out About Azoth 2.0

3:40 – 5:56 – Opening And Introducing James Fitzgerald

5:57 –  7:43 – Marcus Filly vs James

7:44 – 9:00 – The Smartest Man In Fitness

9:01 – 12:00 – Fitness In The Olympics

12:01 – 15:12 – The CrossFit Open

15:13 – 26:54 – Your Program Begins Where Your Ability Ends

26:55 – 33:51 – Aerobic Training

33:52 – 39:15 – How Many Times A Day Should You Train?

39:16 – 40:02 – More About Health IQ

40:03 – 44:07 – Measuring Training And Response

44:08 – 46:52 – Maintaining Curiosity

46:53 – 50:30 – Success And Sharing

50:31 – 53:02 – Professional Coaching Education

53:03 – 59:28 – Smart Fitness And Legacy

59:29 – 1:01:23 – Where To Find James Fitzgerald

1:01:24 – 1:03:42 – What’s Next For OPEX And James

1:03:43 – End – Outro


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Marcus Filly

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