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Posted by on Mar 30, 2018 in All Interviews, Featured, Olympic Weightlifting, Self Development, Videos | 0 comments

Breaking Down Barriers with Derrick Johnson of The Kings of Weightlifting

Breaking Down Barriers with Derrick Johnson of The Kings of Weightlifting

For episode 90 of Uncharted Performance we are joined by national champion, international team member, record holder and Level 5 senior international coach for USA Weightlifting, Derrick Johnson. He has produced national champions, team titles, world team members, and a Olympian but that is just scratching the surface. He takes us on a fascinating journey from growing up in around poverty and crime in St. Louis to rolling the dice, starting over and reinventing himself in Los Angeles and opening the amazing non-profit providing opportunity and access to the great sport of Olympic weightlifting, The Kings of Weightlifting. Our conversation is littered with “firsts” and breaking down barriers starting with his recent trip to compete in Iran where he took gold. But that is now, Derrick has gone through multiple injuries, heart break, devastation, steady use of pain killers, and more pain and trauma. Through it all however, he has continued to work on himself and maintain the best mindset for himself and those he coaches by reminding himself of what is good. His is a story that he is writing himself, and it is far from over.

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Derrick Johnson

Facebook: Derrick Johnson

Instagram: @4derrick

Twitter: @4derrick

YouTube: Derrick Johnson

The Kings of Weightlifting

Website: www.kingsofweightlifting.com

Facebook: The Kings of Weightlifting

Instagram: @thekingsofweightlifting


USA Weightlifting


Start – 0:24 – Admiration For The Sport

0:25 – 1:49 – Learn More About Health IQ

1:50 – 5:23 – Learn More About Seeking Azoth 2.0

5:24 – 7:58 – Opening And Introducing Derrick Johnson

7:59 – 11:30 – Creating The Kings Of Weightlifting

11:31 – 16:47 – Growing In The Sport Of Weightlifting

16:48 – 18:36 – Difficulties In Building The Kings Of Weightlifting

18:37 – 33:09 – Experience Competing In The Middle East While Having a Female Coach

33:10 – 34:59 – Finding A New Coach

35:00 – 35:52 – Intermission – More About Health IQ

35:53 – 40:56 – Working With Ursula Garza

40:57 – 44:42 – We Need A Thousand Derrick Johnsons

44:43 – 47:04 – Only Positivity

47:05 – 54:10 – Leaving A Legacy

54:11 – 1:03:02 – Future Of Weightlifting

1:03:03 – 1:04:00 Where To Find Kings Of Weightlifting

1:04:01 – 1:04:39 – What’s Next For Derrick

1:04:40 – 1:05:41 – Where To Find Derrick

1:95:42 – End – Outro


Ursula Garza

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