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Posted by on Apr 13, 2018 in All Interviews, Featured, Self Development, Strength and Conditioning, Videos | 0 comments

Pulling Back The Curtain with Luke Summers & Chris “Tex” McQuilkin of Power Athlete

Pulling Back The Curtain with Luke Summers & Chris “Tex” McQuilkin of Power Athlete

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Uncharted Performance. We kick off season 9 by pulling back the curtain with Luke Summers & Chris “Tex” McQuilkin of Power Athlete. These two gentlemen are at the core of an immensely talented team led by John Welbourn dedicated to fighting mediocrity in the field of strength and conditioning and empowering your performance as an athlete and coach. Luke and Tex share their distinct journeys to Power Athlete highlighting their lightbulb moments when everything changed for them as coaches. We go deep and discuss the culture and vision at Power Athlete and the role that leadership, opportunity, autonomy, loyalty, taking ownership, continuing education, and innovation all play in creating an unparalleled platform for self discovery, development, and enlightenment. The conversation doesn’t stop there as the gents also introduce us to the concept of Ikigai and highlight the responsibility along with the influence we have as coaches on our athletes and communities.  No stone is left unturned, including who has a better head of hair and best things to do in Austin, Texas. Power Athlete is more than just strength and conditioning, it is what the world needs. Enjoy and make sure to tune in to Power Athlete Radio too!

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Power Athlete

Website: Power Athlete HQ

Facebook: Power Athlete

Instagram: @powerathletehq

Twitter: @PowerAthleteHQ

Wade’s Army

Website: Wade’s Army

Facebook: Wade’s Army

Instagram: @wadesarmy

Twitter: @WadesArmyHQ



Power Coach: Conversations

Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life Might Just Help You Live a More Fulfilling Life

Ikigai: A Japanese Concept Meaning "A Reason For Being"

Ikigai: A Japanese Concept Meaning “A Reason For Being”


Power Athlete Academy


Start – 0:22 – Moment of Awakening

0:23 – 3:35 – Seeking Azoth

3:36 – 7:24 – Introducing Luke and Tex

7:25 – 13:14 – Shout Out To Omaha And The Astros

13:15 – 15:47 – Living In Austin

15:48 – 23:30 – Talking About Past Guests

23:31 – 26:50 – The Heart Of Power Athlete

26:51 – 29:55 – Wade’s Army

29:56 – 40:44 – Road To Now

40:45 – 44:07 – Vision And Purpose

44:08 – 49:20 – The Rabbit Hole Of Becoming A Better Coach

49:21 – 1:01:01 – Application Of Squatting

1:01:02 – 1:11:40 – Changing And Evolving

1:11:41 – 1:15:01 – Man Buns And Ikigai

1:15:02 – 1:16:19 – What’s Next For Luke and Tex

1:16:20 – End Where To Find The Gents


Dr. Cara Miller

John Welbourn

Logan Gelbrich

Power Athlete Radio

Stacie Tovar

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