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Posted by on Apr 20, 2018 in All Interviews, Endurance Training, Featured, General Health, Mindfulness, Self Development, Videos | 0 comments

The Great Escape with Arabelle Mondello of Hope On The Run

The Great Escape with Arabelle Mondello of Hope On The Run

Arabelle Mondello of Hope On The Run is a kind, funny, beautiful human soul and also a little nuts. She is an ultra marathon runner and preparing to take one of the most epic trails on the globe, The American Discovery Trail, which stretches across more than 6800 miles and 15 states. Why commit to such an incredible challenge?

After suffering multiple miscarriages, she became an emotional mess, and dove deep into grief and ensuing depression, losing much of her self worth. She went on a search for hope and happiness beyond having another baby. On the trails, she found peace, a great escape from her suffering. She found that hope out on the trails, in the wilderness. She prepares to run across the United States to share her message of hope with others and offer guidance to those who have suffered not only pregnancy loss but those who might find themselves in a dark place. To help us recognize that we have the right tools to determine what is truly meaningful, what can brings joy to our lives, and the steps we could take to allow us to find a better place.

We also dive into matters of training, race preparation (both mental and physical), the crew that is involved in helping Arabelle, the actual experience of running such tremendous distances, what she eats and drinks and when during the race, and the very important post race recovery.

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Arabelle Mondello

Website: Hope On The Run

Facebook: Hope On The Run

Instagram: @runarabellerun


American Discovery Trail

American Discovery Trail


Start – 0:32 – I Don’t Need To Be Stronger, I Am Strong

0:33 – 6:12 – Who Are Azoth 2.0?

6:13 – 9:33 – Introducing Arabelle Mondello

9:34 – 14:45 – Why 100 Miles? Why Not?!

14:46 – 19:31 – The Crew

19:32 – 24:14 – Starting To Run

24:15 – 30:02 – If You Can Do It, You Should

30:03 – 44:08 – Coming Back After Grief

44:09 – 52:22 – Helping Others Who Have Gone Through Miscarriages

52:23 – 58:52 – Preparing To Run The American Discovery Trail

58:53 – 1:01:03 – The Best Memories

1:01:04 – End – Where To Find Arabelle And Hope On The Run

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