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Posted by on May 4, 2018 in All Interviews, Featured, Mindfulness, Self Development, Videos | 0 comments

Life Is A Series of Surprises with Mark England of Procabulary

Life Is A Series of Surprises with Mark England of Procabulary

We had some unfinished business with Mark England of Procabulary. In our first episode we discussed in depth the power of language and how through the words we choose to use we can gain greater focus, clarity, and control one word at a time. This go around we explore a topic that has become very diluted in self development and growth circles, the subject of goal setting. Mark makes a clear distinction between dreams and goals. He also walks us through the careful process of creating your goals and the key variables associated with getting our thoughts out and crafting meaningful goals. We dig deep on not only the significance of writing our goals, but how they should be written, what we should be experiencing as we write them, and you guessed it, the words we should choose to use. Mark also guides us on which and how to go after our goals, setting and shifting priorities, and how to respond when our goals are not achieved in the manner in which we envisioned. We also have a fun conversation on Kambo and who give the best hugs in the world. Enjoy part two with our very good friend, Mark England.

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Mark England (Procabulary)

Website: www.procabulary.org

Facebook: Procabulary

Instagram: @procabulary

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Core Language Upgrade


Start – 0:23 – Why Write Down Your Goals?

0:24 – 3:55 – Show Opening And Introducing Mark England

3:56 – 5:31 – Find Out More About Azoth

5:32 – 15:40 – Kambo Ceremony Experience

15:41 – 19:38 – Mike Bledsoe Gives The Best Hugs

19:39 – 30:55 – “The Cause Of All Suffering Is Immature Strategy”

30:56 – 44:30 – Turning The “Dream” Into The “Goal”

44:31 – 54:08 – What To Do When You Don’t Attain Your Goal

54:09 – 1:00:10 – What If You Achieve The Goal?

1:00:11 – 1:01:45 – Where To Find Procabulary And Mark England

1:01:46 – 1:09:02 – Taking Your Goals To Heart

1:09:03 – End – Outro


Kambo Cleanse

Mike Bledsoe

Musashi Miyamoto

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