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Posted by on May 13, 2018 in All Interviews, Entrepreneurship, Featured, Mindfulness, Self Development, Videos | 0 comments

Creating Connections and Experiences with Michael Bledsoe of the Shrugged Collective

Creating Connections and Experiences with Michael Bledsoe of the Shrugged Collective

We teased this week’s guest last week on Episode 94 of Uncharted Performance with Mark England so it should be no surprise that we have the wonderful opportunity to talk to Michael Bledsoe of the Shrugged Collective and host of The Bledsoe Show. He is a true pioneer, influencer, and game changer, and one of the few individuals that have guided us on our path. We explore a number of incredible topics with Mike including a tutorial on creating connection, a full body connection with others, being present in our relationships, how curiosity can led us to what we are meant to do, his evolution as a person from what he was a number of years ago, to the man he is today (how he identifies himself), and who he might become in the future including the major impact point that set the course.

“The Way We Do Anything,

Is The Way We Do Everything”

We deconstruct the definition of normal, investigate his views on entrepreneurship, wealth and success, how Mike identities which skills to develop, how he has developed them, and what he is concentrating on at the moment (which might surprise you), the value of presence and what is possible through delivering bliss and joy to others.

Make sure to check out the show notes on where to find Mike, how to get in contact with him, and how you can spend some time with him in person during the Training Camp For The Soul. Not all conversations are created equal, and I hope that this would will provide you with as much meaning as it did us. Enjoy!

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Michael Bledsoe 

Facebook: Michael Bledsoe

Instagram: @mike_bledsoe

Twitter: @michaelbledsoe

Shrugged Collective: www.shruggedcollective.com

The Bledsoe Show: www.thebledsoeshow.com



The Last Safe Investment


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Training Camp For The Soul


Start – 0:41 – Don’t Be Like Everybody Else

0:42 – 3:22 – Opening And Introducing Mike Bledsoe

3:23 – 11:42 – Let’s Release Some Oxytocin!

11:43 – 15:40 – Intimacy Through Touch

15:40 – 31:52 – The New Normal

31:53 – 35:56 – Personal Growth

35:57 – 37:56 – Gratitude With No Regrets

37:57 – 40:01 – Success And Wealth

40:02 – 49:10 – Moving With Presence, Learning New Skills

49:11 – 52:00 – Mark England Is A Great Guy

52:00 – 55:10 – How Did That Happen?

55:11 – 58:04 – What’s Next For Mike Bledsoe

58:05 – End – Outro


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