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Posted by on Jun 3, 2018 in All Interviews, CrossFit, Featured, Strength and Conditioning, Videos | 0 comments

Art of Showing Up with Greg McClure of Club La Santa

Art of Showing Up with Greg McClure of Club La Santa

From growing up in the small rough town of Greenock in the west central Lowlands of Scotland, Greg McClure’s journey to being the Fitness Manager at arguably the finest fitness facility in the world, Club La Santa in Las Palmas, Spain is unlike any other. In his early years of school, he was overweight, the goal keeper for his football team probably because I took up most of the goal as he admits himself. This was down to a poor life style, little activity and a horrendous diet of potatoes. In high school he had the opportunity to play badminton, which was the first sport he had ever taken to naturally. Within a few months he was losing weight, progressing to local and regional clubs & within 2 years he was training alongside the Scottish national team and traveling around the United Kingdom and to Denmark to compete.

Education wise he was not a great student but the confidence he gained and knowledge he acquired from the sporting side was invaluable. It was from that that he grew to love of all things strength and conditioning along with the mindset he prides himself with when training. Unfortunately, he was talked in to the merchant navy  left everything behind to ‘build a lifestyle’ – 4 years of his life was spent working between sea and college but the training never stopped,  focusing on powerlifting at night after college and used his time at sea to work on conditioning. Just before his first trip to sea as a full navigation officer he found CrossFit Glasgow and instantly fell in love with the community and training style.

Greg realized several years later he wasn’t meant for the office life and decided to risk it all and go back to the fitness world. He spent days and weeks applying for CrossFit jobs around the world, and he came across Club La Santa, a place where he had done lots of winter training in his badminton days. He put in an application for a basic fitness instructor position and the interview went so well that he ended up with the manager position on the deal that he would affiliate and bring CrossFit to Club La Santa. And that is where I story begins. We dive deep into Greg’s hometown, the beauty of Scotland, his past training experience, travel, cross-cultural education and experience, his relentless work ethic, not being outworked by anyone, his addictive personality, his training regimen, bignastics, building people up and his lofty goals for the future, not only for himself but for CrossFit Club La Santa as well.

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Greg McClure

Facebook: Greg McClure

Instagram: @gmcclure25


Club La Santa


Start – 0:14 Not A Chance In Hell

0:15 – 6:55 Introducing Greg McClure

6:57 – 8:47 World Class Fitness

8:48 – 10:15 Getting To Paradise

10:16 – 12:35 Shout-out To Prady Tewarie

12:36 – 17:14 Bringing CrossFit To Club La Santa

17:15 – 21:20 Beauty of Scotland

21:21 – 30:42 Catching The Badminton Bug

30:43 – 37:57 Life At Sea

37:58 – 42:23 Getting High On Training

42:24 –  46:57 A Part of Something

46:58 – 49:26 Building People Up

49:27 – 51:06 Badminton Relating To CrossFit

51:07 – 53:54 Aiming For The Top

53:55 – 62:20 Hanging With The Elite

62:21 – End Where To Find Greg



CrossFit Lanzarote

Prady Tewarie

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