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Posted by on Jun 10, 2018 in All Interviews, Calisthenics, Featured, General Health, Mindfulness, Mobility & Movement, Videos, Yoga | 0 comments

Why We All Need A Movement Practice with Sean Vigue of Sean Vigue Fitness

Why We All Need A Movement Practice with Sean Vigue of Sean Vigue Fitness

Colorado’s premier Yoga and Pilates instructor, seven time bestselling author and recently named one of the Top Workout Brands by The Huffington Post, episode 97 of Uncharted Performance is excited to feature Sean Vigue of Sean Vigue Fitness. He was also recently featured in Yoga Digest, The Washington Post, Ultra Running magazine, Lifestyle for Men magazine, Curious.com, Pilates Style magazine, The Denver Post, Fit Bottomed Girls, The Broadway Blog, YoFitTV.com and numerous podcasts including this one. Sean Vigue Fitness is a StyleHaul partner and the Most Watched Yoga & Pilates Guy on the the Planet! We discuss his background an actor and singer, what drew him to the practice of yoga, the impact that his practice has had on him, and the benefits it can provide us. Sean teaches us how develop an intimate relationship with our mind, body, and breath, the importance of being present, and the value of body awareness and how that translates to other movement practices and our relationships. With over 2,000 videos to date we also get a chance to understand his creative process from both a filming and a teaching perspective. Sean is continually watching and studying not only yoga but other modalities of self expression, creativity, and training but more than anything he has one special advantage, to find out who “she” is, tune in and enjoy!

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Sean Vigue

Website: Sean Vigue Fitness

YouTube: Sean Vigue Fitness

Facebook: Sean Vigue

Instagram: @seanviguefitness

Twitter: @seanviguefit



Peak Performance

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Start – 0:22 I’m Still Going To Do It

0:23 – 6:53 Introducing Sean

6:54 – 10:52 Living In Evergreen

10:53 – 14:41 The Creative Process

14:42 – 17:15 Theatre And Yoga

17:16 – 19:34 An Evolving Practice

19:35 – 25:23 Being Inspired By Film

25:24 – 29:45 The Yoga Influence

29:46 – 33:20 Creating The Flow

33:21 – 40:20 Words Are Power

40:21 – 45:22 Breaking Down The Barrier

45:23 – 51:25 Impact of Deliberate Practice

51:26 – 53:20 Power Yoga

53:21 – 55:26 The Youthful Effect

55:27 – End Sean’s Additional Resources & Near Future



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