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Posted by on Jun 15, 2018 in All Interviews, Featured, General Health, Nutrition, Videos | 0 comments

Cutting Through The Noise with Brian St. Pierre of Precision Nutrition

Cutting Through The Noise with Brian St. Pierre of Precision Nutrition

Politics, Religion, and Nutrition. Three of the most hotly debated topics known to man. Luckily, we take care of the nutrition debate in this week’s episode of Uncharted Performance with Brian St. Pierre of Precision Nutrition (PN). Brian is renowned for his expertise in performance nutrition. He is both a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Food Science and Human Nutrition along with a laundry list of credentials and publications under his belt. He has also consulted the San Antonio Spurs and Cleveland Browns on nutrition. Most importantly he is a a PN coach, helping individuals achieve their health and performance goals. We cover a variety of topics including personal experimentation, making mistakes, interpersonal variability, how we can, what we we eat, how much of it should we eat, meal prepping and planning, stress management as well as mindset. Brian also synthesizes the common denominators across “diets” and approaches to nutrition, breaks down the process of goal setting, highlights the importance of intentional daily practice, and distinguishes how we can become better coaches. Our conversation also debunks some of our favorite myths regarding a couple of our favorite macro nutrients, carbohydrates and fats. The nutrition conversation you were waiting for is finally here.

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To download/play the Stitcher version of the episode click here.

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Conscious Coaching

Motivational Interviewing


Precision Nutrition


Start – 0:13 – Let’s Build Skills

0:14 – 6:54 – Show Opening And Introducing Brian St. Pierre

6:55 – 12:28 – From Cressey Performance And Math Formulas To Working With “JB” And Coaching Clients In Nutrition

12:29 – 15:40 – Scary Coach

15:41 – 21:45 – Mistakes (Aka Experiments) Are The Best Teachers

21:46 – 31:29 – Fundamental Skills And What Really Makes Up A Healthy Diet?

31:30 – 35:08 – Eating Well For Newbies

35:09 – 38:25 – Setting Goals And Expectations

38:26 – 41:55 – What Makes A Good Coach

41:56 – 50:21 – Making Nutrition Only As Complicated As It Needs To Be

50:22 – 56:00 – What Sources Of Fat And Carbs Should We Consume

56:01 – 58:47 – Giving Clients Tools To Solve Their Problems

1:00:06 – 1:03:21 – What’s Next For Brian And Precision Nutrition And Where To Find Him

1:03:22 – End – Outro


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