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Anthony Bourdain, Lewis Howes, and Barbell Shrugged went out one night, had a baby and they named it, you guessed it, Uncharted Performance. We are a little different than most Podcasts that you might watch or listen to. How? Glad you asked. To start, we're dedicated to promoting the awesome people just like you and me, who are breaking the rules and forging their own paths. We like to call them the pioneers and renegades of the fitness, strength, wellness and entrepreneurial worlds. You can pledge to support Uncharted Performance by visiting our Patreon page. Here's all the info on why you should, how the pledges are used, and how can start giving back!

With the over-abundance of success stories in these fields, the focus, and subject of many other interviews/podcasts is on those who have figuratively "made it". But how about catching people as they grow, learning from the mistakes they are making now, and the successes that move them to new heights! We strongly believe that is much more relatable to others who want to step out on their own and improve.

Our home base is our website but you can subscribe and listen to our podcast on both iTunes at bit.ly/uncharteditunes and Stitcher at bit.ly/unchartedstitcher or you can even watch the guests on our YouTube channel, bit.ly/subscribeuncharted. Oh, the possibilities! 

We started out having no idea where this would take us or how it would turn out, but the journey has been priceless thus far and we will continue without hesitation. We're still growing, changing, and figuring out what it's going to be in the end, and we invite you to get on this wild ride with us.

If you enjoy the show, we hope you'll contribute. Our intention is to grow with our guests and our community, and consequently give back by not only promoting our guests but providing access to opportunity for others. We are making a commitment to donate 10% of all pledges to A Better Chance. We challenge you to become better through listening and watching and to help us provide an opportunity. 

First and foremost, this modest goal will allow us to offset our fixed overhead costs which include podcast hosting services, website administration and maintenance, targeted advertisements, and administrative services.

Secondly, and more importantly, we will continue to strive to improve the quality of our podcast, both audio and video versions, as well as our exclusive video content delivered on our YouTube Channel and to our Patrons. A portion of the amount pledged will allow us to upgrade our current editing software (audio, video, graphics) and invest in further video and audio capture capabilities (e.g., wireless mics).

Given the nature of our "traveling" show, we will also be able to expand our reach and network by attending conferences and events, as well as conducting interviews outside of our existing periphery. This will open up further options to connect our guests and friends to new and exciting possibilities. 

Thank you!

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